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lialipa ¿
lialipa ¿ 11 uur geleden
tradução para o brazil :(????
Elizabeth Bennet
Elizabeth Bennet 11 uur geleden
Peter Kavinsky 😍
Damian Prince
Damian Prince 11 uur geleden
Is He Man riding Stridor?
sai tushar
sai tushar 11 uur geleden
i love this and i am against illegal killing of dolphins or other aquatic animals etc........but what about millions of people who rely on fishing ??
KZ World Relaxation
KZ World Relaxation 11 uur geleden
💖🔥💖 HI Everyone; If you are feeling down today, remember this: Life has its ups and downs! No matter how bad you feel for how long, you will always get better in the end. But if you are ok or not, hang on to what you believe in and who you are. I hope that you have an amazing day, whether it’s tomorrow, today, or in a few weeks! This video is lovely, it really helps with just relaxing and forgetting about problems. So take the time it took you to read this, and forget that you have any problems. 💖🔥🥰🔥🥰🔥🥰🔥🥰🔥
Zeynepsu Musluoğlu
Zeynepsu Musluoğlu 11 uur geleden
oh sure 11
ThexXxAdaMxXx 11 uur geleden
When Battlecat apears i wass like... Now this shit got real :v
Chainsaw 167
Chainsaw 167 11 uur geleden
The bloopers are better than the actual season.
Burak deniz Bayraktar
Burak deniz Bayraktar 11 uur geleden
Tuyo but despacito
Lassie 678
Lassie 678 11 uur geleden
Please choose Ben...he's the right guy for YOU
Livelule's World
Livelule's World 11 uur geleden
This song is in the serie's ost, or its only for this teaser??😬😬 I really prefer the original 80's song of He-man!!🤷🏻‍♂️
MattyIce 11 uur geleden
Heard they are hiding some wokeness, and the story is about Teela.
Arielle Caitlin
Arielle Caitlin 11 uur geleden
The unknown mailbox particularly doubt because debt philly announce atop a wary crack. lazy, bewildered path
Blue Unstopple
Blue Unstopple 11 uur geleden
The voice of the women in the beginning is the same voice actress for Injustice 2 Wonder Woman.
super hat n stuff
super hat n stuff 11 uur geleden
I literally can't wait for dis legends voice in this show
Black Vaporeon
Black Vaporeon 11 uur geleden
Some Venture Bros level shit. And Metalacolypse feels? I'll watch, haha
Susan Appleby
Susan Appleby 11 uur geleden
I loved Degeneration thought didnt like how unused Claire was in the last act. I hope she does not get sidelined here too, she is my favorite and was a hero to me growing up.
Gil Iaskin
Gil Iaskin 11 uur geleden
Weird coincidence that I see 2 trailers at the same hour with the same song. Did Bonnie Tyler became popular again? Or is it just that song? (btw the other trailer is for the new Guardians of the Galaxy game)
Kushagra 11 uur geleden
My father loved this show
Eduardo Lopes
Eduardo Lopes 11 uur geleden
I Love xolo
Peter Kirgan
Peter Kirgan 11 uur geleden
The most silly and ridiculous thing I've ever seen!! Lol
MR PATO 58 11 uur geleden
:~| l9l
Ruhi Yo
Ruhi Yo 11 uur geleden
I don't know why this has a lot of bad reviews. Its actually good, trust me, you'll love it! Watch it
Makarla Priya
Makarla Priya 11 uur geleden
Guess who ? ❤️
Cobrass67 11 uur geleden
{Pieck} 11 uur geleden
When ur birthday is on November 13 👁 👄 👁
A.I 11 uur geleden
~I say hey yay yay yey yay hey yay i say hey what is going on?~ *nods head*
Yh Kim
Yh Kim 11 uur geleden
No Way
xCharismaD 11 uur geleden
The gainful jeff willy interfere because viscose mainly rain unlike a decisive pasta. upset, moldy owl
Daniel Koch
Daniel Koch 11 uur geleden
Aaron Boudreau
Aaron Boudreau 11 uur geleden
Oh they didn’t make Heman black.. shame on you Netflix.. Netflix is racist.. they shoulda made Heman black.. 🙄
Navara the fnaf god
Navara the fnaf god 11 uur geleden
mephisto1025 11 uur geleden
Still waiting on a pole position reboot.
Dark North
Dark North 11 uur geleden
Are they gonna connect it to she-ra?
Chris Gooding
Chris Gooding 11 uur geleden
Can't wait to watch this with my son
Ceti Alpha V
Ceti Alpha V 11 uur geleden
I'll watch it but why couldn't it be innocent like the original? Does everything have to be grown up?
Rolan Johnson
Rolan Johnson 11 uur geleden
Just like Groundhog Day all over again.
danzigvssartre 12 uur geleden
I am 45 years old and I’m wondering where my old MOTU figures are so I can go play with them.
xCharismaD 12 uur geleden
The tender tense print microregionally deserve because machine kinetically approve pace a likeable swordfish. happy, selective heat
Cutz McOnions
Cutz McOnions 12 uur geleden
this entire vid gives a "salestalk for an upcoming scam" vibe.
Martin The artist
Martin The artist 12 uur geleden
Them:blender isn’t an industry standard too Me: check this out👆👆👆👆
jayhau lai
jayhau lai 12 uur geleden
We used to watch He-Man & the master of the universe. And now, it’s just master of the universe. Well, it’s like that for a reason. It’s not bait and switch, it’s just switch.
Flawless YT
Flawless YT 12 uur geleden
Bitchhh lost her whole family because she wouldn't listen Disgusting attitude
Heike H.
Heike H. 12 uur geleden
Wala'a Eissa
Wala'a Eissa 12 uur geleden
The best series i've watched from NETFLIX'S production
uwuthccc 12 uur geleden
Giving me some RIO vibes, lol
WORD WIZARD 12 uur geleden
I just finished season 1 and watched the 1st episode of season 2. I haven't been this addicted to a series since Sparticus of blood and sand. This show is freaking awesome. Love the characters timelines costumes and storyline. 100%
Perspective matters
Perspective matters 12 uur geleden
I hope Teela doesn't inherit the sword from he-man at the end and scream "I have girl power". She's a badass character, but we grew up watching this for He-Man. If this is another one of those woke shits where the strong male characters are made to look dumb to appease feminists, I'm out.
abhilash paisakula
abhilash paisakula 12 uur geleden
story of a woman who feels "OMG I am married with kids, the husband gives me love, care, and provides me with everything to make my life luxurious and safe but my midlife crisis-influenced brain makes me feel that my life is not as exciting now. Let me go and ruin my life and drag everyone associated with me down the drain! That's the thrill for me and Netflix better make content on it and justify my foolishness."
Firentis 12 uur geleden
Avesome. If there is a God... Please, no WOKE content!!!!!!
Partha Goswami
Partha Goswami 12 uur geleden
July 16 waiting
Knud's Channel
Knud's Channel 12 uur geleden
1:05 there’s my boy Orko!
raf casmer
raf casmer 12 uur geleden
Que obsesión por emparejar africanos con blancas, parece un desprecio a las mujeres de raza africana, me pregunto que "defecto" ven a estas mujeres para que en el cine casi nunca sean pareja ni de negros ni de blancos, me parece una forma atroz de misoginia razista.
Majin Manbha kun
Majin Manbha kun 12 uur geleden
We the common citizens can't do anything nor responsible for shark hunting. Why wont leaders of the world ban shark fin soup? There is a video on NLblock that claims renewable energy is a myth bcus the materials needed to build solar panels wind mills etc are very expensive and practical impossible to substitute entirely with renewable energy. All government organizations are lying to their people bcus who the hell would admit they arnt doing a good job? Even when it's clear as day they will always come up with excuses or anything to avoid being exposed.
Jitu Soni
Jitu Soni 12 uur geleden
Woooohhh 👌👌👌👌👌 we waiting for this tv serials he man
RedPanda van Leven
RedPanda van Leven 12 uur geleden
I wish they told where they stop because Katya looks damn good in this video. When she said, 'oh brother' I felt that for real-real.
Neo Virz
Neo Virz 12 uur geleden
Somehow this reminds me of Galerians
AS NWOA 12 uur geleden
So that they suddenly started again showing zombie outbreaks after the vaccine .. gives me chills
Parrapa The Rapper
Parrapa The Rapper 12 uur geleden
The receptive railway intringuingly brush because middle potentially manage plus a vivacious show. godly, three deer
carolina rodrigues
carolina rodrigues 12 uur geleden
I need a longer video, I want a full experience of that
The Daily Globe
The Daily Globe 12 uur geleden
V 12 uur geleden
Best couple!❤
Derek J. Evans
Derek J. Evans 12 uur geleden
Looks better than that live action series you're putting out. That is gonna be crap
Вlacк Нundred Кnight
this is where the liberals are leading, this is what they are trying to achieve. It is time for the leftists to begin to answer for all these crimes. I am glad that 2.3 million people are still in their minds, perhaps humanity has not lost everything yet ...
Puddin 12 uur geleden
This is such a weird combination of genres
Biswajit sahu- 027
Biswajit sahu- 027 12 uur geleden
I am waiting for the the spy season 2 .....its going to be osm series...
Saffie Sarangay
Saffie Sarangay 12 uur geleden
Neha Saxena
Neha Saxena 12 uur geleden
This has me excited, the animation looks gorgeous and the music choice, applause!,
M Irrfan
M Irrfan 12 uur geleden
0:30 anyone the goat crying
Anowar Hossain Mondal
Anowar Hossain Mondal 12 uur geleden
In two massages in one not is not used and in other not is used after then what massage is right? That type of incident is happened when I had sended a massage to Juali sarkar chakda Nadia west Bengal .... In which the word friend is not written by me and after sending her the massage she called me and questioned me why I sended that type of massage? And I answered her thinking me as your friend then the relation would become very good and I have some knowledge about this type of matter.... Am I right?
Koureshi 12 uur geleden
nah what the heck netflix
04 Aashvi gupta class 7D
Eleven will win
Retro gamer
Retro gamer 12 uur geleden
forrmaggio 12 uur geleden
dear Netflix! You just can't cancel this amazing serial! we are a community and we are waiting for new seasons. I just can't describe my feelings about it ,I love it with all my heart ,it is my comfort show, I LOVE WATCHING IT SO MUCH,not only me thousands of people waiting for it. Ann with an E fans deserves continuation of story... please let it go!<3