Another Life Season 2 | Official First Look Clip | Netflix 

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In this first look at season two of Another Life, Niko (Katee Sackhoff) prepares to leave the ship for the Achaian vessel. Another Life season two arrives on Netflix this fall.

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About Netflix:
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Another Life Season 2 | Official First Look Clip | Netflix

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8 jun. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Zenkai Ry
Zenkai Ry 10 minuten geleden
Away is so much better
Magikal Misteryz
Magikal Misteryz 45 minuten geleden
This show is amazing !!! I love it so much
alexiaa x
alexiaa x 2 uur geleden
Yay I’m so excited for S2, the ending for season 1 was really sad so hopefully in S2 things get better!
irem bruuh
irem bruuh 4 uur geleden
Brian Lespoir
Brian Lespoir 5 uur geleden
Didn't think there would be a season 2, better watch season one again. I know I've seen it, but can't remember anything.
hudson the person
hudson the person 6 uur geleden
This show was the worst show I’ve ever seen it feels like insult built inside clichés. Season 1 1/10 season 2 lowwwww expectations
Bajaos 7 uur geleden
Netflix iys a hoax. Like todays tv just start to make new shit series.
Oj yes that one
Oj yes that one 8 uur geleden
Waited so long for this
dava4444 9 uur geleden
looking forward to this. really enjoyed season 1. Shame Nightflyers got cancelled.. at first the two shows seem similar until you work out.. AL is about our first foray into interstellar flight and Nightflyers was.. Twilight Zone in space.
Dark City Production
Dark City Production 10 uur geleden
I can't wait for 2 season of another life. It's a science fiction show
lunule 13 uur geleden
Jesus. This trailer is way better than the whole first season. Netflix's creatives seem to be in a huge delay.
kertoipcrass 14 uur geleden
Make a movie Cassandra's Head Cassandra's Head is a SF short story written by Marek Baraniecki in early '80s. It's a story about a man (Teodor Hornic) who survived a nuclear war and desperately tries to locate and disable armed warheads that are still a threat. But his mind is obsessed by the mystic Cassandra that is believed to have a power to destroy the whole life on the planet. Is the Cassandra the thing that it is supposed to be or maybe something totally different? The story was very well received and got many literature awards back in the day. It's fantastic material for a SF film !
TT Foley
TT Foley 15 uur geleden
I thought this show was class
Christopher McDonald
Christopher McDonald 20 uur geleden
Dam I thought this saw was gone forever.good to see the second season
alfredo acosta
alfredo acosta Dag geleden
Pense que esta serie se habia cancelado ...
Sui Meing Wong
Sui Meing Wong Dag geleden
Why? This was just awful. Incompetent people out in space. If this is the best humanity can send we deserve to end. I know skilled people and these are not representative.
Fordy Dag geleden
Just finished watching the show, its not the best but the cliffhanger at the end is so good
Mals Fram
Mals Fram Dag geleden
I've been waiting. Wow, that was a wait. Looking forward to more universe building encounters.
Vincent Hammons
Vincent Hammons Dag geleden
do not watch this show man I can't believe i sat through 5 episodes its friggin horrible
domremy Dag geleden
This show is utter crap. Bunch of annoying teenagers on the crew of a spaceship? Lol total stupidity. Predictable teen crap.
Jackson 2 dagen geleden
I don’t know how to feel about this show. Parts of me absolutely hate it, yet I watched all the episodes, talked about the show and even looked up when the next season comes out. I have to see how this shit show ends
Abhijeet Pandey
Abhijeet Pandey 3 dagen geleden
Kuchh yaad nahi aa raha.. please upload recap video 😁😁
NOOB ClASH OF CLAN 3 dagen geleden
The beginning of world war 3.
Dani Rojas
Dani Rojas 4 dagen geleden
Para cuando la 2da temporada en México??
Pendleton 115
Pendleton 115 4 dagen geleden
This show could have been so much better
RED TV 4 dagen geleden
Can't wait 😍😍😍😍
ZAPATATX 4 dagen geleden
This gets renewed but not The OA or The Society? Okay...
Alaska XMR
Alaska XMR 3 dagen geleden
Women with penises
Juan Pablo Bravo Novoa
Juan Pablo Bravo Novoa 4 dagen geleden
somebody knows which is the song that sounds at the end?
tnykuuh 4 dagen geleden
can't believe that this show got a second season! Even thought I liked the show it was far from being great lol I would have been sure that they cancel it.
Callandor 5 dagen geleden
So awesome. This series has enough difference to regular sci-fi alien invasion keep me enticed.
Abdul Kareem
Abdul Kareem 5 dagen geleden
I am very most excited session 2 Hindi dubeed please😫🙏🙏💓🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Clay Octane
Clay Octane 5 dagen geleden
Personally I enjoyed all aspects of season 1. People are unpredictable, multidimensional, and season 1 did a good job of showing what real people would do on a mission like this
Liam Geoghegan
Liam Geoghegan Dag geleden
Literally. I agree.
Bill Paxman
Bill Paxman 5 dagen geleden
Hoping for more classic lines like "Take the signal down to 1Hz a second."
AnkitaSays 5 dagen geleden
Jeez i never thought this show would come for a season 2
unkut-Hacker prodz
unkut-Hacker prodz 5 dagen geleden
Quand la prochaine saison ?Je valide ce film✅
radio Roma
radio Roma 5 dagen geleden
Who knows what soundtrack in this promo?
D Cred
D Cred 5 dagen geleden
Hindi Dubbed House
Hindi Dubbed House 5 dagen geleden
But we need season 3
xJay143 5 dagen geleden
Been waiting for season 2 and it feels like forever. Just finished watching season 1for the second time ... and look up online and I see this updates omg so excited!
X RINGTONE 5 dagen geleden
Excited 😍
Innocent Simukonda
Innocent Simukonda 5 dagen geleden
Thought it was cancelled
Nikita Singhal
Nikita Singhal 5 dagen geleden
I was waiting for this, since last year. And please renew Jupiter's legacy season 2 that show has very high potential. Season 1 is just a warm up.
Nikita Singhal
Nikita Singhal 4 dagen geleden
@Doc don't cancel it please 😭🙏🏻
Doc 4 dagen geleden
- it’s already been canceled
Adley Renan
Adley Renan 5 dagen geleden
Adley Renan
Adley Renan 5 dagen geleden
Prince Amir
Prince Amir 5 dagen geleden
“The mission comes first!” Ummm what was that again?” - A concerned viewer.
raul santana
raul santana 6 dagen geleden
need esa cancion
raul santana
raul santana 6 dagen geleden
π*4 6 dagen geleden
Diegotrvn遊戲 6 dagen geleden
Soo many questions will have answer whit this season
Diegotrvn遊戲 6 dagen geleden
Finally :')
Bernardo Brandão
Bernardo Brandão 6 dagen geleden
Paul Aguirre
Paul Aguirre 6 dagen geleden
um i cant remember if i watched s1 or not....not a good sign
Ward Junior
Ward Junior 6 dagen geleden
Oh god.
Helel Nasciro
Helel Nasciro 6 dagen geleden
yo what is the name of the tune, its giving off strong missio vibes, been trying to find it via any means available from shazam, to trailer music to tunefind, but nothing comes up, would appreciate if someone helps out
Helel Nasciro
Helel Nasciro 3 dagen geleden
Joshua Wenger
Joshua Wenger 4 dagen geleden
Cody Crump - I guess you get whats coming
tilted_e 6 dagen geleden
WHAT song is this??
Alvin Regentraud
Alvin Regentraud 6 dagen geleden
This song and setting creates an awesome atmopshere i cant wait
IvanDoesntCare 6 dagen geleden
Pretty sure they don't have the Darksaber over there though?
Immortal Professor
Immortal Professor 6 dagen geleden
This show got renewed and 'daybreak' and 'I am not okay with this' didn't?
Justin You
Justin You 6 dagen geleden
The lighting inside of the space helmet just doesn’t make sense.
Michael MacDonell
Michael MacDonell 3 dagen geleden
Never has - It was just a way to let us see the actor's face. Which makes sense, given how space helmets are meant to protect them!
ThePshycho 6 dagen geleden
one of the best shows i got to see. im glad they made another season
Eduardo Grasso TV
Eduardo Grasso TV 6 dagen geleden
What was the mission?
geriond 6 dagen geleden
Marcus Joe
Marcus Joe 6 dagen geleden
I'm as big a Katee Sackhoff fan as you'll find, but how the hell did this dumpster fire get second season in the face of some fantastic other shows that were cancelled and surely FAR less expensive to produce {cough} I Am Not Okay With This, Teenage Bounty Hunters, etc.
Douglas Heidzig
Douglas Heidzig 6 dagen geleden
I watched the first season on Netflix last few months ago then I will watch season 2 soon this fall .
S Abend
S Abend 6 dagen geleden
I’ve been waiting for so long. Too long indeed.
zagvot 6 dagen geleden
oh shit here we go again (recap on season 1)
Sagar Kumar
Sagar Kumar 6 dagen geleden
I m happy
Brian Jensen
Brian Jensen 6 dagen geleden
This is my favorite shitty show! It has the most unique LGBTQ+ representation for a science fiction show and it’s so badly written. But I can’t turn away and I can’t stop watching!
Sui Meing Wong
Sui Meing Wong Dag geleden
People who witness a car accident on the highway will rubberneck but all that does is slow down traffic. Nothing good here.
Vincent Hammons
Vincent Hammons Dag geleden
screw their representation I want a quality show do not give a shit about their sexual identity no one cares.
lily 6 dagen geleden
Omg this is such a unexpected and pleasant surprise.
kingz cafe
kingz cafe 6 dagen geleden
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssss!! Finally. Can You Do "I'm Not Okay With This Season 2" Next. Please!!!!
Ana Aguilar
Ana Aguilar 6 dagen geleden
What is the name of this song?
Josué Zacarias
Josué Zacarias 6 dagen geleden
Alguém traduz!!!!
Y E.
Y E. 6 dagen geleden
What was this show even about ? Gotta have to rewatch it before it gets here
Alteori 6 dagen geleden
Yeeees even though I gotta recap season 1
Liam Geoghegan
Liam Geoghegan Dag geleden
Same. I haven't watched it since season 1 came out and that was 2yrs ago. Feels longer.
Raylan Gibbons
Raylan Gibbons 4 dagen geleden
It was shite. End of recap.
Scott Millican
Scott Millican 6 dagen geleden
Bet yah she wished she had her Viper. Or at least an armed Raptor!
Mohammed Salwan
Mohammed Salwan 6 dagen geleden
Long time , finally is here 😢
Tomáš Vohryzka
Tomáš Vohryzka 6 dagen geleden
One of the worst shows Netflix has ever created. Another Life is not something that needs another season. It would be way better to put all the budget in third season of the OA, Brave New World, The Dark Crystal or into something completely new!
Isaac Newton, no relation
Another Life continuously and hilariously tripped over itself so Doctor Who could s*** itself then implode
Shivm Kumar
Shivm Kumar 6 dagen geleden
I think Season 2 is going to be good In my opinion Season 1 was not so bad maybe Netflix renewed this show because of season 2
Cecilia Sierra Arrieta
Cecilia Sierra Arrieta 6 dagen geleden
What do you hear, Starbuck? Nothing but the rain, sir
Andres Rodriguez Escamilla
I love this show, can’t wait
Ishita Singhal
Ishita Singhal 6 dagen geleden
Season 2 looks better than the train wreck season 1 was. I hope this turns out to be actually true.
Alan Nabors
Alan Nabors 6 dagen geleden
Fiinnaaallyyy, this and outer banks this summer 🙌🏾🙌🏾
404 Not found
404 Not found 6 dagen geleden
I thought this series never get season 2
CSL in the Casino
CSL in the Casino 6 dagen geleden
Can’t wait!! AAAAAHHHH!!!!!
SWAPNIL TAJNE 6 dagen geleden
Will be happy season 2
Sierra Ayanna
Sierra Ayanna 6 dagen geleden
I hope they get copyright strike for not telling us the song.
Niks Tank
Niks Tank 6 dagen geleden
And specially music is so wonderful 👍👍👍
Niks Tank
Niks Tank 6 dagen geleden
Netflix the is the big surprise of 2021 ❤️❤️
Manjunath Saukar
Manjunath Saukar 6 dagen geleden
At last Netflix remembered this Found this in Netflix's archives
Young Wolf
Young Wolf 6 dagen geleden
Yessir it when tho fall what I wanna see the trailer
LaMario 6 dagen geleden
Worst crew of supposed geniuses ever, next to Prometheus, they act like it's Big Brother in Space
Jayjay 6 dagen geleden
I really thought there won't be any season 2.
ABMNS PRODUCTION 6 dagen geleden
Plot twist: It's not an Alien ship...
Angela Watson Lee
Angela Watson Lee 6 dagen geleden
Soo glad to see it return. Can't wait.
Missile Command
Missile Command 6 dagen geleden
season 1 was like Iron Fist -- WAY too many episodes.
Dark Matter
Dark Matter 5 dagen geleden
There were only 10. Pretty standard.
Paul Moody
Paul Moody 6 dagen geleden
This was a good show. Have been waiting for this.
Marcus J
Marcus J 6 dagen geleden
atleast they have hair bleach even in space
Mo Vo
Mo Vo 6 dagen geleden
Why. Its boring
Ardent Dfender
Ardent Dfender 6 dagen geleden
It seems like forever since season 1 ended.
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