Behind the Scenes: FATHERHOOD starring Kevin Hart | Daddy / Daughter Love Story | Netflix 

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There’s simply no FATHERHOOD without the incredible chemistry between Kevin Hart and his onscreen daughter, Melody Hurd. Take a look behind the scenes at this month’s must-watch dramedy (on Netflix June 18). Kevin Hart stars in the heartwarming, funny and emotional true story about a widower taking on one of the toughest jobs in the world: fatherhood. Alfre Woodard, Lil Rel Howery, DeWanda Wise, Anthony Carrigan, and Paul Reiser round out this all-star cast. Watch FATHERHOOD, only on Netflix, June 18.

Directed by Paul Weitz. Based on the uplifting memoir by Matthew Logelin.


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Behind the Scenes: FATHERHOOD starring Kevin Hart | Daddy / Daughter Love Story | Netflix

A widowed new dad copes with doubts, fears, heartache and dirty diapers as he sets out to raise his daughter on his own. Inspired by a true story.

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10 jun. 2021




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i Zhen
i Zhen 15 uur geleden
Enough Kevin Hart please pfffff .
LIlPAPI RD 3 dagen geleden
I ask you for a minute of your time to help me fulfill my dream of being an artist for the short time I have left in life I have cancer and I am disabled without friends why I cannot leave my house because of the bullying that they do to me why I was not lucky enough to have a good physique but I love myself as I am because that was what I got blessings and God bless you all
Dires Amera
Dires Amera 3 dagen geleden
I only have a father but I don't have mother.
eanna 123
eanna 123 4 dagen geleden
she is so stinking cute, and a better actress than a lot of grown adults hahahah
RagingRedHead 95
RagingRedHead 95 4 dagen geleden
I cannot wait to see this. It looks so wholesome. ❤️
D Babies
D Babies 4 dagen geleden
just an fyi... we're tired of k hart already. he's just not funny. we need talent over popularity.
James welsh
James welsh 4 dagen geleden
Riddle me this. This movie is based on the story of a white guy played by a black guy in kevin Hart. If this was the story of a black man played by a white actor there would be riots.
James welsh
James welsh 2 dagen geleden
@Sandy Ncube the movie 21 was criticised for casting white people in a true life story about an Asian poker team
Sandy Ncube
Sandy Ncube 2 dagen geleden
Which movie ?
RaphaCool Johnson
RaphaCool Johnson 4 dagen geleden
sinkiy 4 dagen geleden
This looks baaaaaaaaaad
Saurabh 4 dagen geleden
When colors does not matter .....feeling gd
jessica simpson
jessica simpson 4 dagen geleden
Eunice Izevbigie
Eunice Izevbigie 4 dagen geleden
I miss my dad…it really really HURTS 😢 today because I learnt of some circumstances that contributed to my dad’s death so it’s like my wound is opened back up with a tablespoon full of salt poured in😭😭😭😭😭
Vashti Perry
Vashti Perry 5 dagen geleden
She is soooo cute!!!!
Vashti Perry
Vashti Perry 5 dagen geleden
Can’t wait to watch this!!!
Gabriela Natera Ali
Gabriela Natera Ali 5 dagen geleden
Watching it with my husband tonight! We are expecting our first bb!
Soul Jaunt
Soul Jaunt 5 dagen geleden
This movie is too lit and emotional
Bernard Griffin
Bernard Griffin 5 dagen geleden
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Fabio Miano
Fabio Miano 5 dagen geleden
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Figaro Nario
Figaro Nario 5 dagen geleden
Am placing my trade with Mr mark. Tnx for his contact info I will text him right away.
Scott jack
Scott jack 5 dagen geleden
Tell him I referred you👆
Scott jack
Scott jack 5 dagen geleden
@Biagio Martino +1=2=8=1=5=0=2=6=5=0=9
Cione Gentile
Cione Gentile 5 dagen geleden
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Vincy Pizzuto
Vincy Pizzuto 5 dagen geleden
Pls do a new season of Daybreak 😭
المخلص فقط JESUS
FluteNinja 5 dagen geleden
Really not the best title lol
Marija_ 5 dagen geleden
I wanna say sorry for everyone who are not able to have a dad ,I love u guys stay strong ❤️
Keltic Flood
Keltic Flood 5 dagen geleden
To the 9 dislikes must be modern feminists or dad haters. Remember a father is equal as a mother
merickful 5 dagen geleden
Suman Das
Suman Das 5 dagen geleden
Nick kibs
Nick kibs 5 dagen geleden
To all the dads out there, happy father's day in advance 🙏God bless
Rich Lord Prince
Rich Lord Prince 5 dagen geleden
Watching from Africa Ghana , am proud to be an African.. We blacks don't get it easy being a parent
ninjagirl 5 dagen geleden
Movie or series 🤔
Jeanne R
Jeanne R 5 dagen geleden
It’s a movie
SIFT3R Gaming
SIFT3R Gaming 5 dagen geleden
Kevin hart is funny
Prakash 5 dagen geleden
❤❤❤ the name father is always precious things ❤❤❤
garcia adrian
garcia adrian 5 dagen geleden
June 10 is the anniversary of the movie Judy Moody and not so bummer summer
ǤourᎥnandan .R
ǤourᎥnandan .R 5 dagen geleden
xSoporific 5 dagen geleden
Mohammad Faisu
Mohammad Faisu 5 dagen geleden
Kevin Hart Trolling NBA Players
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