Lucifer Table Read | Season 1 Episode 1 |  

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The Lucifer cast joins us for a table read of Season 1 Episode 1 during with @NetflixGeeked and Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Lesley-Ann Brandt, D.B. Woodside, Rachael Harris, Aimee Garcia, Tricia Helfer, Inbar Lavi, Dennis Haysbert, Ildy Modrovich, and Joe Henderson.


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Lucifer Table Read | Season 1 Episode 1 |

Bored with being the Lord of Hell, the devil relocates to Los Angeles, where he opens a nightclub and forms a connection with a homicide detective.

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9 jun. 2021




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Thais Santos
Thais Santos 34 minuten geleden
Charlotte is absolutely stunning. She makes me feel like crap 💩
Sujit Tamang
Sujit Tamang 4 uur geleden
Nicee , douche dan🤣 just.... Love chloe
C. Cooke
C. Cooke 5 uur geleden
God as Officer Digs
082_Kyrie Hanna Panjaitan
tom is so great omg
Arianne Awono
Arianne Awono 8 uur geleden
mtown pyro
mtown pyro 8 uur geleden
Dennis Haysbert??
Pearl Jhonathan
Pearl Jhonathan 9 uur geleden
We want Lucifer series in Tamil
Gorkhali 10 uur geleden
Swapnil Dharu
Swapnil Dharu 12 uur geleden
Not today...
Thinesh Jayasinghe
Thinesh Jayasinghe 12 uur geleden
My mans looks wasted
Melancholy Goat
Melancholy Goat 16 uur geleden
Toms house mannn... it’s reminds me of them rooms they have on ikea
Miguel Ugalde
Miguel Ugalde 16 uur geleden
Kien es o es o no es🅰️
Miguel Ugalde
Miguel Ugalde 16 uur geleden
Miguel Ugalde
Miguel Ugalde 16 uur geleden
Le tengo pura mala a zzzzimonnnñ
Nasibu Nyahunzvi
Nasibu Nyahunzvi 17 uur geleden
Omg Palmetto Street
Nasibu Nyahunzvi
Nasibu Nyahunzvi 17 uur geleden
Where's Kevin😭😭
Eugene Aniar
Eugene Aniar 17 uur geleden
Oooh this is such a treat love the pilot show. Yes he did somewhat reminded me of Gatsby... no one can pull off Chsracter's Lucifer the way Tom does.
Maham Raza
Maham Raza 17 uur geleden
Laurencifer: Nou Nou I caant reed people’s maainds I’m nout a ‘JEDAIII’ 😂
Goemon Mods
Goemon Mods 17 uur geleden
Tf where is Dan ??
Chello Remo
Chello Remo 18 uur geleden
God movies
Niner Rich
Niner Rich 19 uur geleden
Love me some Lauren German 🥰
Melisa Germain
Melisa Germain 20 uur geleden
I loved how Mr. Ellis was in full character during the read. Thank you all for doing this. It was quite enjoyable to watch and a nice insight for what you do before the shooting.❤️🤟
LAWRENCE FRAZIER 20 uur geleden
I find Tricia Helfer very interesting, she is real good looking, so damn sexy, so so sexy, what a body, she definitely has it all going on, what a beautiful woman WOW
Gulfan, Liam Noel
Gulfan, Liam Noel 20 uur geleden
who the hell is the person below miss lopez?
Viharika J
Viharika J 20 uur geleden
inbar's jimmy impression had me on the FLOOR
Hedi Sigg
Hedi Sigg 21 uur geleden
The evasive hovercraft grossly welcome because drug unfortunately gaze astride a halting dad. polite, knotty birthday
Kel B
Kel B 22 uur geleden
Lauren's hair is so cute like that! Now I kind of want to see a female Lucifer and male detective adaptation...
Gamer On Fire
Gamer On Fire 23 uur geleden
That was the best thing I have ever ever watched in my life definitely worth the one hour of my time
SAARA 23 uur geleden
Tom isn't even acting.. he's just being himself
Rebecca Randall
Rebecca Randall Dag geleden
This was so laugh-out-loud fun to watch! Thank you all so much for putting in the extra time!
midoribushi Dag geleden
I love Tom Ellis and no one can do it better, but just when you think you can't fall for Lauren German more, she gets to play Luci haha she's so lovely!
Gabriela Constantin
Thank you for making me start this series again 😑
Victor Finberg
Victor Finberg Dag geleden
What is this?? The actual characters, reprising the first episode? How did you manage to arrange this? This is so awesome!
Happiey Feetz
Happiey Feetz Dag geleden
Lots of love to the entire Team ❤
Navin Datt
Navin Datt Dag geleden
The crooked cherry topologically satisfy because toast metabolically mess up alongside a abaft agreement. jobless, undesirable anger
lalala land
lalala land Dag geleden
Inbar cracking up is honestly giving me life 😂
Sarafina Bowen
Sarafina Bowen Dag geleden
Love luci
Niko Dag geleden
Karno E. Nguyen
Karno E. Nguyen Dag geleden
So so awesome!
matthew chang
matthew chang Dag geleden
Can i meet him
Fabian Stenar
Fabian Stenar Dag geleden
I need to rewatch this whole show
Mushii 18
Mushii 18 Dag geleden
Where's dan??
Existencia Máxima
Existencia Máxima Dag geleden
Alguien que lo subtitule a español porfa
arach no phobia
arach no phobia Dag geleden
Wow, i love this!
andrew ainsworth
andrew ainsworth Dag geleden
Where's detective Douche?
Saumitra Gautam
Saumitra Gautam Dag geleden
Saumitra Gautam
Saumitra Gautam Dag geleden
Saumitra Gautam
Saumitra Gautam Dag geleden
Roso m.
Roso m. Dag geleden
냥냥칡 Dag geleden
코로나시국 감사한 일 줌미팅 대본리딩 보는거...톰엘 짱잘한다ㅠ 루시퍼 1화 다시보는것 같이 생생하다
dreamboi saroj
dreamboi saroj Dag geleden
hello detective 🕵️‍♀️
Fabiano Pina
Fabiano Pina Dag geleden
Please do every single episode!!!!
Ganapati Roop Kiran Reddy
After watching this complete video I am gonna start Lucifer from 1st season again.
Justin Queiroga
Justin Queiroga Dag geleden
Sean world
Sean world Dag geleden
Look at Lucifer portraying Tom ellis.
Funko Good Guy
Funko Good Guy Dag geleden
If you noticed, the dialogue here doesn’t match what was in the episode.
Andrew Ooi
Andrew Ooi Dag geleden
wish Trixie was there too
Tom ellis is a man its acting in Lucifer is just natural ... I think no one suitable for that Lucifer act except tom........ Devil in his blood ....😀
Maya Tata
Maya Tata Dag geleden
they should do a table read of the last episode
Bianca Dag geleden
A few days passed and I still can't stop watching this video
Portinha Dag geleden
26:48 Doctor Linda’s introduction song xd
Jordan Senger
Jordan Senger Dag geleden
Lucifers impression of chloe is just Michael saying chloes lines lmfao
Giorgia Mastandrea
Giorgia Mastandrea Dag geleden
" Hold me Closer CHLOE DANCER" 🎶
Clementine 2 dagen geleden
Trisha's cat is everything 😻
unbotheredm 2 dagen geleden
This was great😂🙈
dragan zlatarev
dragan zlatarev 2 dagen geleden
26:28 lmaoooo
Lili-Yann Zuman
Lili-Yann Zuman 2 dagen geleden
What’s the time code of the moment where Lesley accidentally leaves the call mid sentence
Ally Dag geleden
@Lili-Yann Zuman no problem :)
Lili-Yann Zuman
Lili-Yann Zuman Dag geleden
@Ally Thank you!
Ally 2 dagen geleden
Lee ShaoKiat
Lee ShaoKiat 2 dagen geleden
Love everybody’s reaction when Lesley disconnected 🤣🤣🤣
MrRisay 2 dagen geleden
damn lucifer does the tom ellis role so well
Jocelyn Taylor
Jocelyn Taylor 2 dagen geleden
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia 2 dagen geleden
Poor Aimee, she barely participate at all :(
PerthTowne Dag geleden
She wasn't in Season 1, so it's nice that they found a way for her to take part.
Mohit Saxena
Mohit Saxena 2 dagen geleden
Lhyster 2 dagen geleden
I am happy that they are doing this. It shows their attachment to the show and this reminds them about the beginning of it.
Dionne Mannion
Dionne Mannion 2 dagen geleden
This is hilarious and I love it!
Maeve L.
Maeve L. 2 dagen geleden
18:28 - five seasons later..
Iam Padmini
Iam Padmini 2 dagen geleden
The way chloe act Lucifer broo I'm deaddd😭
Iam Padmini
Iam Padmini 2 dagen geleden
This is the bestt series and nothing will ever replace in my heartt😌
tjrthshsddfg 2 dagen geleden
Raja Burman
Raja Burman 2 dagen geleden
Hello Detective ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ankan Saha
Ankan Saha 2 dagen geleden
Oh Lucifer, I so much like this show ❤️❤️❤️
Shirsendu Chandra
Shirsendu Chandra 2 dagen geleden
The Lady Playing Charlotte Richard is so Adorable 🔥
Trevon Duncombe
Trevon Duncombe 2 dagen geleden
The Allstate guy (sorry I don’t know his name) was the BEST person to play God
Monica Malady
Monica Malady 2 dagen geleden
This was top 5 episodes
annie mag
annie mag 2 dagen geleden
Lauren's hair!
Andrea Perdomo
Andrea Perdomo 2 dagen geleden
55:18 57:51 to 58:30 Inbar 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
EvelynRobinson 2 dagen geleden
When Tom was reading Chloe’s lines I thought ‘wait, Michael isn’t in the pilot!’ 🤣
InnoCent EneMy!
InnoCent EneMy! 2 dagen geleden
Iconic Act of Lucifer
TheKira699 2 dagen geleden
And that was just the first draft, hence why it was slightly different that the actual episode.
Archit misal
Archit misal 2 dagen geleden
I think Tom has lost the thin line which separated him and his character Lucifer
Luferre Angelo
Luferre Angelo 2 dagen geleden
27:00 hahaha
DeobiOrbit 2 dagen geleden
Treyvon Jackson
Treyvon Jackson 2 dagen geleden
Everyone looks so damn good , the ladies are glowing 😍
Anjana Suthar
Anjana Suthar 2 dagen geleden
I dnt like the last episode no magic 🪄
James Kirkpatrick
James Kirkpatrick 2 dagen geleden
they couldn't have picked someone better to play lucifer man
Haritha M
Haritha M 2 dagen geleden
More more more
AZNABI !! KNOWN PERSON 2 dagen geleden
tom ellis ..this is love from INDIA................amazing actor u r .................eagerly waiting fa new season
JK Dubs
JK Dubs 2 dagen geleden
I’d love to see them switch role and act it out
Sai 2 dagen geleden
I'm mind blown of how much of script Tom has to read n act on it how on earth he has time everything work,family omg I just love this guy and the whole lucifer team this is just an epic show, for me avengers Harry Potter is second this is first.
Jeremie Rementilla
Jeremie Rementilla 2 dagen geleden
Hahaha cute
Carlos Franz
Carlos Franz 2 dagen geleden
por que hacen esto onda pa que, tan aburridos estan?
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