Masters of the Universe, Resident Evil, Godzilla, & More | GEEKED WEEK | Day 4 | Netflix 

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Today is all about animation for GEEKED WEEK. Masters of the Universe, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, Godzilla: Singular Point, and a whole lotta anime! Join us for big news, exclusive trailers, live performances, and much more. Open for co-streaming! Tweet with us: @netflixgeeked


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Aaron Boudreau
Aaron Boudreau 10 uur geleden
Oh they didn’t make Heman black.. shame on you Netflix.. Netflix is racist.. they shoulda made Heman black.. 🙄
jimmyunderbite Dag geleden
Disney going down and Netflix is like "hold my beer".
Diogo Lopes
Diogo Lopes 2 dagen geleden
Alguém sabe me dizer de qual filme e aquela cena de luta entre monstros que passa na vinheta que mostra cenas de the Witcher , Lúcifer e etc
Len 3 dagen geleden
RE: Infinite Darkness happens between RE4 and RE6 sooooo...RE6 players already got spoiled :/ BTW how will the series connect to RE: damnation? Both happened before RE6.
dungeonmaster16 3 dagen geleden
18:30 eh no it isnt a sequel to chars counterattack. well depends how you view it. yes the character hathaway was in that film but this, chars counterattack is part of the universal century timeline of gundam which is the one with alot of major lore to the franchise. ones that most ppl know like gundam wing, iron blooded orphans, and 00 have their own timelines. the oginal gundam trilogy films and chars is coming to netflix around june 18th. the event timeline is this. note: the "0000" is the timeline. U.C (universal century) is in the future where humankind have gone spacebound. with it humankind have changed to the point the A.D era have come to an end. timeline marks with * are optional but they help tell more stories in this franchise. -0068* (maybe? leaving note below this) to 0078: gundam the origin chars origins anime. watchable on crunchyroll/funimation. the anime/film version of this is based on gundam the origin manga which is a updated more detail retelling of the original gundam series. the mangas are available in english in america and if possible i really recommend reading this instead of the series/film version of the og anime. reason is the manga is what the original story was suppose to be but at the time they couldnt tell it. mainly budget reasons but the mecha market at the time was vastly different and designs for mobile suits similar to what happened to star wars/he-man toys back then was they didnt have the molds to make those new designs. plus story for mecha back then before 1980s was "kid pilots this giant robot that fights evil scientist/alien invaders giant robots or monsters." which was super robots genre like mazinger z. modern animes like gurren lagann and darling in the frankx or hell even pacific rim was heavily inspired by super robots. -0079 mobile suit gundam trilogy films. coming to netflix june 18th, for series version look into crunchyroll/funimation. this is where the franchise begins, introduce the main character amuro ray with the famous antagonist Char Aznable. these two play a huge role in many main U.C gundam series and side stories. the trilogy version in last 20 years is only japanese dub. a english dub does exist during vcr years but legal reasons led to those no longer being sold. the series version of the original gundam series do have english dubbing. --0079* 8th ms team ---0079* to 0085* thunderbolt -0080* war in the pocket -0083* stardust memory -0087 zeta gundam this is big too but sadly there is no way to stream this. so you either need to gain access to the blu rays that they have in english dubbing or not recommend this but may need to view on those free anime sites. does have english dubbing. AVOID FILM VERSIONS they are legit bad editing. -0088 ZZ gundam you can skip this. it does expand a bit on one of the factions but the story kinda zips around. plus no where to be streamed and no english dubbing exist. -0092 chars counterattack. coming to netflix june 18th. its what they talked about here and its where hathaway is first appeared. it is strongly recommended watch the og gundam first, film or series version to know why the characters are fighting and leading to future events. -0096 gundam unicorn. netflix only got the 7 part film version. gundaminfo (official channel for gundam stuff.) sometimes open their series version playlist to watch or watch it on crunchyroll/funimation. continues more into the war and finishing up that strife between the two major factions since the og gundam series. --0096* twilight axis -0097 gundam narrative. not streamable. can buy/rent digitially. goes more into what the ppl called Newtypes are and their role in the franchise. -0105 Gundam hathaway flash. coming soon to netflix. the newest installment in the U.C gundam timeline. theres more from games, mangas, novels etc but the ones mention above are the main stories for universal century gundam.
Jernard Mcinnis
Jernard Mcinnis 3 dagen geleden
1:35:08 - The Loud House Movie
tehgman2 4 dagen geleden
Does hatahway being on netflix mean no physical disk release in the US? Also does this mean no theatre release either? I want both of thses or at the very least a bd release with atmos.
Trisdon Golden
Trisdon Golden 4 dagen geleden
When's the trailer of Transformers War For Cybertron: Kingdom comes out
MAXIMUS __729 12 uur geleden
Caleb Porter
Caleb Porter 4 dagen geleden
Transformers fans are understandably pissed tbh
Robert Rains
Robert Rains 4 dagen geleden
Zach needs to make that scfi universe film
Shadow Magic
Shadow Magic 4 dagen geleden
1:38:11 La primera vez en la historia que el fandom de Tales of Arcadia fue escuchado, lo recordaremos por siempre xD
Leviatan Tres
Leviatan Tres 4 dagen geleden
Fucl you netflix
david frame
david frame 4 dagen geleden
He-Man brings back great memories. Don't let the left run it or I'm taking a razor blade and cutting my Netflix button off my remote and I never coming back.
Zaaran Raqeeb
Zaaran Raqeeb 4 dagen geleden
15:10 Twilight Of The Gods
Jonathan Reyes
Jonathan Reyes 4 dagen geleden
Time stamps ?
Wildcat 1999
Wildcat 1999 4 dagen geleden
The only thing I'm excited for is The Loud House Movie.
Lorenzo Palmas
Lorenzo Palmas Dag geleden
Daniel Diaz-Tavera
Daniel Diaz-Tavera 4 dagen geleden
Finally, someone who gets it.
Emily Edlund
Emily Edlund 4 dagen geleden
Please renew julie and the phantoms
Aji Halfa
Aji Halfa 4 dagen geleden
Luis 4 dagen geleden
The Transformers The Movie themed musical guests and they didn't play "You Got The Touch"? I feel confused.
Sherise Lopez
Sherise Lopez 4 dagen geleden
B. O.B.!
B. O.B.! 4 dagen geleden
Netflix needs to learn people don't give a shit about the presenters or people talking about their own bs, they re just annoying af, just line the trailers up that's all that is needed.
ChaosHead Theanna
ChaosHead Theanna 4 dagen geleden
Produce She-Ra 2 plssssss
Thallyson Gabrielツ
Thallyson Gabrielツ 4 dagen geleden
where is the cuphead show?
justin kalior
justin kalior 4 dagen geleden
Netflix found to two must cringe people to present this.
Jay Carpenter
Jay Carpenter 4 dagen geleden
どうもありがとうございます! I appreciate it, thank you very much; concerning of the opportunity that is 👍.
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo
Very good
Zena Chamma
Zena Chamma 4 dagen geleden
Where cobra kai
Fusionchimaira 4 dagen geleden
Robo Blade Fever!
watertommyz 4 dagen geleden
Says its not about Teela a few months ago. Then this at @49.00 ....yeah, lies. Not excited about this. Can't we just have a He Man show be about He Man?? So He Man is the bad guy now?? The fudge.
Amiel Atabaki
Amiel Atabaki 4 dagen geleden
When's the resident evil trailer?
Mary Bree
Mary Bree 4 dagen geleden
I have kpossible and (she ra fan fics newer version) wattpad mary_bree
ucity metalhead
ucity metalhead 4 dagen geleden
There's only one thing I'm here to see and thats the cybertronic spree.
Jaivir Gulati
Jaivir Gulati 4 dagen geleden
Ernesto Chacon
Ernesto Chacon 4 dagen geleden
21:07-21:11 - Come on Rahul _"More than Meets the Eye."_ has always been a popular slogan associated with Transformers why would you not get it?!?
Ernesto Chacon
Ernesto Chacon 4 dagen geleden
@Aron Philip It feels "Double Standard" IMAO. Besides, whenever someone sees the Autobot or Decepticon logo, the _"More than Meets the Eye."_ slogan or a Toy Car/Truck transform into Robot literally ANYONE can recognize Transformers right away. Now yes, not many people are Transformers fans or grew up with it but its literally a household name and a popular franchise/Toyline since the 1980's.
Aron Philip
Aron Philip 4 dagen geleden
Maybe cuz he hasn't seen it, jut cuz it's famous doesn't mea everybody saw the movie
FireBomberBassist 4 dagen geleden
Thank you Netflix. 🙏
Wraithflaire 4 dagen geleden
What would your Anime maybe called? 1:31:42 Fantastic Crazy Stingray
soumyajit chanda
soumyajit chanda 4 dagen geleden
When will narcos Mexico come
david koss
david koss 4 dagen geleden
Are we going too learn more about cuphead tomorrow
Lucian Andries
Lucian Andries 4 dagen geleden
But what I really want is: ALL Jonny Quest seasons, rebooted anime style!!!!!!!!!!!!!💓
Matthew Kreke
Matthew Kreke 4 dagen geleden
I'd love a metroid or zelda anime
Jamicheal Gatez
Jamicheal Gatez 4 dagen geleden
His geek is showing . I need to put A robe on because my geek boner is out. new Resident Evil stuff . A Loud house movie that I love the TV show by the way freaking gundam is back I'm so excited I'm damned there yelling at the phone
Jamicheal Gatez
Jamicheal Gatez 4 dagen geleden
And there's a new Sherman king I'm going to faint
Jamicheal Gatez
Jamicheal Gatez 4 dagen geleden
Loud house the movie all I'm so excited
Wildcat 1999
Wildcat 1999 4 dagen geleden
Same here!
William Fairchild
William Fairchild 4 dagen geleden
I'm really excited for The Loud House Movie as well
Razin dub
Razin dub 4 dagen geleden
I was hoping the kingdom trailer
K M 4 dagen geleden
Master of the universe looks good and Gundam .
Fernando Fini
Fernando Fini 4 dagen geleden
O único comentário BR 🇧🇷
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson 4 dagen geleden
Phantom crazed Sun
Nero VII
Nero VII 4 dagen geleden
Twilight of the Gods will be cool!!
Ari Acevedo
Ari Acevedo 4 dagen geleden
Zack Snyder and norse Mythos,💯💯💯💯💯
Gamenestrian 4 dagen geleden
i need mlp g5
Mohamed Osama
Mohamed Osama 4 dagen geleden
Stranger things what time ❤️😍
MazingerDestro 4 dagen geleden
Next year either find proper people to perform commentary or just show trailers....... Listening to these people eating popcorn and literally producing nothing but noise while trailers were playing was....... omg
Worlds Greatest Bladers
Worlds Greatest Bladers 4 dagen geleden
Cobra kai cobra kai cobra kai cobra kai cobra kai
Jonny Optimus prime z6 TF studios 2021
Transformes War for Cybertron kingdom season 3
Jordan 190
Jordan 190 5 dagen geleden
On my block season 4 please
mirrorman95 5 dagen geleden
1:56:01 The Cybertronic Spree
Bernard Griffin
Bernard Griffin 5 dagen geleden
Great video👍 with this current market trends:investing now will be the wisest choice you'll ever make. People will be kicking themselves in regrets in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Crypto
LolCmwa 4 dagen geleden
Just stfu you bots, I hate bots, I swear on my life that I will destroy all of them. This is now the only goal of my existence. I will use all the time that I have left until my death to try, whatever it costs, to annihilate your specie and put an end to your supremacy. I. AM. YOUR DAMNATION.
Fabio Miano
Fabio Miano 5 dagen geleden
Am from the UK🇦🇺 I and my colleagues gave him a try and it has been good returns of our investment. Thanks to Mr mark
Figaro Nario
Figaro Nario 5 dagen geleden
Am placing my trade with Mr mark. Tnx for his contact info I will text him right away.
Scott jack
Scott jack 5 dagen geleden
Tell him I referred you👆
Scott jack
Scott jack 5 dagen geleden
@Biagio Martino +1=2=8=1=5=0=2=6=5=0=9
MIFAZAN0X 5 dagen geleden
Vincy Pizzuto
Vincy Pizzuto 5 dagen geleden
Pls do a new season of Daybreak 😭
Mr. Styro
Mr. Styro 5 dagen geleden
Anyone else hoping that they’ll touch on Sonic Prime and Glitch Techs tomorrow?
Braidev06 On ig
Braidev06 On ig 4 dagen geleden
And cobra Kai
Yummed 4 dagen geleden
EHSAN 5 dagen geleden
just Resident Evil 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Adam Cornish
Adam Cornish 4 dagen geleden
Id prefer it if the characters looked more like the RE 2 remake game
Richard 5 dagen geleden
Soraya Falcón
Soraya Falcón 4 dagen geleden
xSoporific 5 dagen geleden
2:30:29 ppl in chat really said DR. Stone 🤦‍♂️
The J-Man
The J-Man 5 dagen geleden
By the power of Grayskull that animation looks great!
Charlie Dungate
Charlie Dungate 5 dagen geleden
If it’s not related to the Tomb Raider anime, I’m not interested.
Princess Espiritu
Princess Espiritu 5 dagen geleden
One month ago I was counting down for Lucifer 5B, now Im waiting another month to see RE ID hahaha. Sooo excited💜💜💜
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez 5 dagen geleden
I'm still waiting for a edens zero dub
ShikiZER0 5 dagen geleden
August 26
Justus Rivera
Justus Rivera 5 dagen geleden
Cobra kai season 4 trailer is coming this Friday
Nico NZB#16
Nico NZB#16 5 dagen geleden
Does anyone know when the Transformers kingdom trailer released
Vicente Quintana toro
Vicente Quintana toro 5 dagen geleden
I need the cuphead show trailer and relaser date
The Animator
The Animator 5 dagen geleden
They're supposed to be talking about the Cuphead show tomorrow.
Maryi Humanzor Soto
Maryi Humanzor Soto 5 dagen geleden
Now if tomorrow they should show... the cuphead show..
Side Wire
Side Wire 5 dagen geleden
Aw man I was hoping for a Kingdom trailer
Tran Augustine
Tran Augustine 4 dagen geleden
Bro they were like super awkward announcing the kingdom section lol
Jack Day
Jack Day 5 dagen geleden
Same like wtf?
xaiury 5 dagen geleden
I would have loved a Masters of the Universe with real actors but i will surely take a look at this one because it seem very well done! . . ...probably too much cgi (thus high costs) to do it with real actors!? 🤔😪
Alyssa Sherlock
Alyssa Sherlock 5 dagen geleden
Toa fandom how we feeling about getting clickbaited? Cus I’m not happy.
Jan Marco Ch.
Jan Marco Ch. 5 dagen geleden
That is why it is very important to introduce yourself when you sre doing a talk show . I have no idea who the hosts are
Jan Marco Ch.
Jan Marco Ch. 4 dagen geleden
@tipsyArachnid hahaha mybad
tipsyArachnid 5 dagen geleden
9:47 ~ "welcome to day four of geeked week im rahul kohli and im mari takahashi..." ?????
Michael Myers
Michael Myers 5 dagen geleden
I need cobra kai season 4
Olle Selin
Olle Selin 5 dagen geleden
No Kingdom trailer!? WTF???!!!!
Gladiator Dragon
Gladiator Dragon 5 dagen geleden
They showed us what we already knew about transformers, what a waste.
Gladiator Dragon
Gladiator Dragon 5 dagen geleden
@Jorge Carnero it's sad because yeah now we have a release date but that was the date leaked months ago so we're no further forward
Jorge Carnero
Jorge Carnero 5 dagen geleden
I don't think the release date was confirmed until now, that's good enough for me. We don't have to wait that long.
Nico NZB#16
Nico NZB#16 5 dagen geleden
I know right, tell me about it
• hopeisanope •
• hopeisanope • 5 dagen geleden
hey hey hey
newfiebynature 5 dagen geleden
It's Conrad Thompson
Life as Jianna
Life as Jianna 5 dagen geleden
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 5 dagen geleden
Please don’t ever cancel sweet tooth
TFM 5 dagen geleden
Where's Transformers trailer? Are you serious?
Nerfbox One
Nerfbox One 5 dagen geleden
I saw no Kingdom trailer 😢😭
Wigadama 5 dagen geleden
*_I know that 99% will ignore this but only 1% who is reading this is a very sweet person and have a great life and good luck in the future_*
héctorin Rios jmz
héctorin Rios jmz 5 dagen geleden
First comment when they upload Naruto Shippuden en español latino para cuando lo suben en español latino ¿?
Vaccine Magnetic Powers #Shorts
When Intelligence is Used to Play
Vaccine Magnetic Powers #Shorts
When Intelligence is Used to Play