Masters of the Universe: Revelation | Official Teaser | Netflix 

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From Executive Producer Kevin Smith, comes an epic story that picks up where the 80’s series left off and brings the power of Grayskull back to the world.
Part 1 of Masters of the Universe: Revelation premieres July 23, only on Netflix.


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Masters of the Universe: Revelation | Official Teaser | Netflix

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10 jun. 2021




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Thrash Metal Ambassador
Thrash Metal Ambassador 3 seconden geleden
Best Soundtrack Ever.
Dunja Zvekić II-2
Dunja Zvekić II-2 18 seconden geleden
Is that a Jojo reference, what I spy with my little eye?
D 7 minuten geleden
needs the original music too
firestonegraywolf 8 minuten geleden
He stuck sounding like joker
sam witwicky
sam witwicky 8 minuten geleden
Promax ultra legend comeback ready
Гуль Фредрикович
Oh, yes. Nice job, you've got me for a moment. How stupid of me to actually believe, that n*tflix can shot a series without woke bulshit. Well, lesson learned, thank you very much.
Raving Pain
Raving Pain 14 minuten geleden
Asriel Dreemurr
Asriel Dreemurr 14 minuten geleden
That's how you modernise a 80s masterpiece
Obi wan Cahomi
Obi wan Cahomi 15 minuten geleden
Mark Hamil never disappoints 1:07
BRUTAL LUI 15 minuten geleden
That is hype
Desth O
Desth O 16 minuten geleden
Yes, this looks fun and I am planning on buying the action figures later.
MBB 17 minuten geleden
Watch it be He Man woke version.
nfinn42 18 minuten geleden
I get how you reboot Voltron and update it for a modern era. I get how you reboot She-Ra. I don't get how you can reboot He-Man, which was the 80's single shallowest male self-insert power fantasy. This sounds like it's gonna be a miserable pile of suck. I can't wait for the season 3 slump when they start aggressively queerbaiting for ratings, that's gonna be fun. Can the reboots and remakes please stop? Or at least can you get people who know how to write a story and put them in charge? Go get the folks who made Dragon Prince, they know what they're doing. Give them a budget, character art, a world bible, freedom to change characterization however they need to, and turn them loose.
King Keymaster
King Keymaster 20 minuten geleden
its going to be a reboot of the saga?
Ronnie Thompson
Ronnie Thompson 21 minuut geleden
This was my favorite show in the 80s as a child and this looks amazing. Thank you Kevin Smith!
Bailujen 22 minuten geleden
Another one of those cartoons that look like a fake anime
DARTH ASH 26 minuten geleden
We need a thundercats animated. And if Berserk Is possible
Jimmi Animates
Jimmi Animates 29 minuten geleden
i am so excited for this!!
acetraker1988 31 minuut geleden
All we need now is Thundercats!
seoul_glo 31 minuut geleden
Netflix....Please do GI Joe, Battle of the Planets and StarBlazers next
Brad DL
Brad DL 33 minuten geleden
bait and switch, teela show.
Print Voyageur
Print Voyageur 34 minuten geleden
R B 34 minuten geleden
Nostalgia-bait. You can't trust Kevin Smith.
Brian Praul
Brian Praul 36 minuten geleden
Haven't watched the original, but this is such a Saturday morning cartoon vibe that I'm in for an episode
Drew of 76!
Drew of 76! 37 minuten geleden
So no iron cross , just an h for he-man?
christian guzman
christian guzman 37 minuten geleden
Damn, I approve of the music choice
S P 38 minuten geleden
Well this " I have the power" dosent seem to be powerful enough...
GUNSjk 40 minuten geleden
This He-Man resurrected my girlfriend's inner fujoshi. I ain't complaining. ;)
Nikhil Bhat
Nikhil Bhat 40 minuten geleden
God Bless Netflix
physalis17 41 minuut geleden
randy francisco munera olivres
omg bad feel it
Ramón u. Montero
Ramón u. Montero 44 minuten geleden
I got wet from watching this
Kevin B
Kevin B 46 minuten geleden
Bait and switch. No He Man no watch. Stop replacing with females
ashraf alex
ashraf alex 51 minuut geleden
Masters of the GAYverse
Jay H.
Jay H. 51 minuut geleden
Looking forward to this new take on He-Man. But fearful that the current Woke and Cancel cultures will ruin the whole premise of what He-Man was all about.
Nathaniel Worthley
Nathaniel Worthley 51 minuut geleden
This looks insane. I'm gonna watch itm
Lawrence Tyrpa
Lawrence Tyrpa 54 minuten geleden
This is pure gold & juice
Whisky_Tango_Foxtrot 1984
Whisky_Tango_Foxtrot 1984 54 minuten geleden
😂😂😂 awesome! Nostalgia!
John Mike
John Mike 54 minuten geleden
Sure hope its R rated.
Rajat Kalra
Rajat Kalra 55 minuten geleden
i dont know about my kid, but I am going to watch this to rewind my memories....
CFilm&Games 990
CFilm&Games 990 56 minuten geleden
Wow holding out for a hero is becoming an overused trailer song. First Guardians of Galaxy Game and now this.
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager 56 minuten geleden
Nothing compared to attack on titan
Krieger Lander
Krieger Lander 58 minuten geleden
this trailer just got me so hyped
Jobin McGooch
Jobin McGooch Uur geleden
Holy shit! 😯 Can they re-revive ThunderCats like this 🤘🏽
Yen P
Yen P Uur geleden
0:35 freepower to all of you
Abraham martinez perez
Is orco going to be ripped in the show or what?
Lan Uur geleden
'after 40 years' So this ignores the fact the 2002 series existed, and was successful
Jeff D
Jeff D Uur geleden
One guess as to why they changed his chest plate symbol.... SMH...
Sunbird Uur geleden
Well, why not ? You have my attention :)
Quetzal the Gamer
Quetzal the Gamer Uur geleden
The "I have the power" line is so much better than the original version.
Jeb H
Jeb H Uur geleden
Gonna be another wokefest like all the other remakes and spinoff that happen these days. Save yourself the trouble and watch older stuff until this fad blows over. Besides its Kevin Smith and everything he touches is woke garbage. Not missing anything here
gsomslayer Uur geleden
i have watched this 407 times by now
Veri quo
Veri quo Uur geleden
Song choice was terrible. The animation is another story👀
Arkano Uur geleden
What's going on?
Cyberaser Uur geleden
Omg my childhood
Take0ut Uur geleden
This is my workout hype video now.
Freaiser Uur geleden
this is my childhood not in picture with moving part XD
Grow Your Wealth
Grow Your Wealth Uur geleden
The trailer is amazing. But this 12FPS animation... i dont know. I did not like it with the castlevania series. But i guess i am the only one.
Michael Greenburg
Michael Greenburg Uur geleden
I was super excited until I found out the entire trailer is a "flashback"... The MU team is all whamen.
Marcus Leclerc
Marcus Leclerc Uur geleden
Modernized He-Man ? Mark Hamill as Skeletor ? Epic trailer and a Bonnie Tyler song ? how can this be better ? I can die in peace
Antonis Kalakonas
Antonis Kalakonas Uur geleden
I am a simple man with fun memories from my childhood. This trailer made me happy. Please stay true to the original concept. No PC culture shoved down our throats on this one. We don't need another She-Ra...
Jason Ivy
Jason Ivy Uur geleden
Just when I really got into reading books again…this has to happen 🤦‍♂️.
Anardo Uur geleden
Now this is content!!!
J. T.
J. T. Uur geleden
He-man no longer has a templar cross on his chest, lol
Edu M.
Edu M. Uur geleden
He-man is Almighty!!
Super Sonico
Super Sonico Uur geleden
Por el poder de greyskull!
Borislav Dancetovic
Where do u see here in description He-Man?
Michael Baty
Michael Baty Uur geleden
Dont play my boy Skeletor like that he's actually a good guy but either why am down to watch this hope its not woke though
kenny servranckx
kenny servranckx Uur geleden
looks good but is only the first episode. if you read more the show wil not be abouth he-man but teela. the woke generation destroyed something good again. and why make teela look like a man in the other episodes ?
llIH Uur geleden
As long as they don't push any political correctness twist to it I am all down to watch. But boy oh boy this PC culture sure likes to ruin remastered stuff lately.
MIT Patel
MIT Patel Uur geleden
I am remembering my childhood......
Jeremy Ramberran
Jeremy Ramberran Uur geleden
The only kind of animation I consider animation.
This better not be a bait and switch.
Paul Rivera Pardo
Paul Rivera Pardo Uur geleden
it is bro 🤣 the first episode is just He-Man Episode
Sar Majere
Sar Majere Uur geleden
My only He-Man experience is through original She-ra (and I did like the reboot), but I am so here for this!
Christyan Douglas
Christyan Douglas Uur geleden
bonito e musculoso, vai ser foda!
Mary K
Mary K Uur geleden
ohhhhhh yesssss
Zelda Addicted
Zelda Addicted Uur geleden
Looking fantastic! Gorgeous animation giving a well earned uplift to this really old series. I am just slightly worried about the rumors circulating that the show won't focus on He-Man and Prince Adam. The others are important too of course and they are a team! But He-Man was always the grand star of the show and like the song says, the needed Hero :)
Dr. Nikhil
Dr. Nikhil Uur geleden
Whats the name of the theme song?
Dmitry W
Dmitry W Uur geleden
Круто мульт да и фильм моего детства!! Спасибо Netflix
Fahid Rahman
Fahid Rahman Uur geleden
The Original Theme If I Hear Still Now... Brings Tears In My Eyes... The dialogs And The Vibes Give Goosbumps Till Now .... This Is Just A Trash song....
Fahid Rahman
Fahid Rahman Uur geleden
No Matter How Gud U Make It Now Or Future... It Will Never Touch The Mark What The Original Have Achived... NEVERRR!!!!
sirico Uur geleden
Should have gone with four non blondes for the music.
DustinWood524 2 uur geleden
Any other dude's on here that also loved She-Ra, but couldn't admit it to friends, so you just said, "I mean, yeah, I watch She-Ra, but only because it comes on right after He-Man and there's not anything else on."
Israel Garza Ayala
Israel Garza Ayala 2 uur geleden
I got the chills!!
Fell 2 uur geleden
Tim St.Cyr
Tim St.Cyr 2 uur geleden
In which episode does Teela take over?
Cap America
Cap America 2 uur geleden
Look at those dislikes. Must be millenials without taste
KevTon 13
KevTon 13 2 uur geleden
Is that Mark Freakin Hamill as Skeletor?
Kingshuk Chowdhury
Kingshuk Chowdhury 2 uur geleden
When you are Jacked but not green and ugly...
Braver Leech
Braver Leech 2 uur geleden
I wonder how they ruin this
yadunath mahadeo
yadunath mahadeo 2 uur geleden
Dam.... definitely dig this... first time actuality attempting to watch this...😃👌
Pan Dos
Pan Dos 2 uur geleden
Looks GREAT!! But I miss the original He Man music, that was AWESOME!
The Ginge  Of England
The Ginge Of England 2 uur geleden
I guarantee that all of this is just in the first episode or non existent to the actual show and what we eventually get well be all about ticking boxes and all that stuff
BOOBESH P 2 uur geleden
Childhood memories 😣😣😣😣
Dineshbabu k
Dineshbabu k 2 uur geleden
I think it's Heman but I don't know why the name changed
Brobert 2 uur geleden
Holy Shit! This editor has the power
Genivaldoneno Jesus Souza
great l won´t lose at Netflix a master of the universe. very good
TheFallenJedi66 2 uur geleden
But, i have a very important question.... will it be rated m?
Lawrence Legaspi
Lawrence Legaspi 2 uur geleden
Bait and Switch, It will be about He-Maam
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