Queer Eye | Sowing Seeds of Connection with the Fab Five | Netflix 

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The Emmy®-nominated hosts of Queer Eye relieve some of their favorite moments from past seasons including season 5 filmed in Philadelphia. Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness reunite at the season 6 loft in Austin to reminisce on life changes and the unforgettable heroes who have appeared on the Netflix reality series.


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Queer Eye | Sowing Seeds of Connection with the Fab Five | Netflix

The Fab Five head to historic Philadelphia to make over a new cast of everyday heroes, from a hardworking DJ to a struggling dog groomer.

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9 jun. 2021




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Laura Harman
Laura Harman 44 minuten geleden
Oops congrats on being non-binary… sorry I stuck my own head up my arse, Jonathan. Lol! So much love, dah-ling!!! 😊
Laura Harman
Laura Harman 47 minuten geleden
Love you boys! Happy Pride Month and congratulations on all of your success! Much love. 💖🙏🏳️‍🌈🎉💋✌️
Samantha Thompson
Samantha Thompson 2 uur geleden
I love this! Absolutely love each and every one of them. Crying tears of hope and joy.
Patricia H
Patricia H 3 uur geleden
Heidster 5 uur geleden
I can't believe Tan thought it was over ... you guys are the best! Please never stop, I have re-watched the seasons because it makes me feel good and is good for my mental health
FocusedVoices 5 uur geleden
Oliwia W.
Oliwia W. 5 uur geleden
Ahhhh!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ray Ray
Ray Ray 6 uur geleden
David Rhee
David Rhee 8 uur geleden
Putting it out there Netflix: what about a make over for each other in the fab five? There’s been break ups, JVN and his openness about having AIDS, Antoni doesn’t talk to his mom, etc. Seems like there’d be a lot of great ground to cover.
נעמה ירושלמי
Tan: I became an American citizen! Me: oh, I'm so sorry to hear that, my condolences
Arden Reimer
Arden Reimer 17 uur geleden
I can’t help but look at Karamo when I’m watching this. Sending him warm positive energy
- stream in a dream -
- stream in a dream - 18 uur geleden
theSE BABESS!!!!
Fernando Galeano
Fernando Galeano 19 uur geleden
Fleetwood M
Fleetwood M 20 uur geleden
Just keep doing what you're doing. 💗
conz6th 21 uur geleden
They are kindred spirits. Same level headed talented people. More than anything, you can see the genuine friendship they have for each other. :)
Elizabeth Thomas
Elizabeth Thomas 21 uur geleden
And all our anxiety levels dropped just a tiny bit watching this prelude to season 6..... aaaaahhhh.
Tiffany Olson
Tiffany Olson 22 uur geleden
The world definitely needs Queer Eye.
KFangirl4 22 uur geleden
Fab Five, please help us flip Texas blue!!!
Natasha Rees
Natasha Rees Dag geleden
I am loving the conversation guys. You guys are beautiful
Mr. Dancin' Machine
Jonathan reminded me of Fred Flintstone in the get up. I'll be glad when the next season comes out.
Sheila Montalvo
Sheila Montalvo Dag geleden
I've missed them so much!! The last few seasons were so special and profound that I expect nothing less from them. We need joy, love and laughter! Great show, great team, great producers!
Purple Passion
Purple Passion Dag geleden
I love the Fab Five and I thank them for the joy they've brought to my life!
Ana Dag geleden
Río Rodríguez
Río Rodríguez Dag geleden
this is so organic happy pride, QE and chat!
Eveline Leite
Eveline Leite Dag geleden
I've missed them soooo much! Can't wait for season 6!
Veronika Miškejová
Adrienne Lui
Adrienne Lui Dag geleden
phoenixmoon3 Dag geleden
Love them. I’m so excited to see them back again.
Mr. A.
Mr. A. Dag geleden
QE! Desperately needs to be on daily. When Ellen leaves this is the genius concept. You literally could have a daily talk show showcasing each QE lead talent. Ugh I miss them. Thank you Netflix for posting this
Marla 2 dagen geleden
OMG, YAAASSS!!! The world does need more Queer Eye!!!❤️💜💙💚💛🧡💖
manystar 2 dagen geleden
Jonathan is slowly descending into Muppet madness
OrlaAdAstra 2 dagen geleden
Surrogacy harms women and children.
Juan Rozo
Juan Rozo 2 dagen geleden
I hope one day you do a season in Latinamerica in any country. Our region really need the love and learning you provide to end the hate. I hope it is Colombia
Tulpen23 2 dagen geleden
Bobby's hair looks fantastic
Raquel C. C.
Raquel C. C. 2 dagen geleden
Yes, the world definitely needs Queer eye back! ❤️💜💙💚💛🧡🤎🖤
Mlle Ines
Mlle Ines 2 dagen geleden
Jonathan giving a little digital hug to all single people made me so happy, I appreciate this lovely soul so much
Bryce Dumas
Bryce Dumas 2 dagen geleden
Jonathon stole Bob the drag queens wig
Worn 2 dagen geleden
I’ve been hopeful 🙏🏽 You all do so much good!
J C 2 dagen geleden
Come to the UK please!
Laura Rubio
Laura Rubio 2 dagen geleden
This makes me happy!!! I love them ALL 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😃
Julie Trujillo
Julie Trujillo 2 dagen geleden
Oh, Karamo! I dearly hope your presence here turns Texas blue! Do your magic, please!!!
Kelsey Smith
Kelsey Smith 2 dagen geleden
Ahhhhh watching this made me feel so good knowing a new season is coming! I love you guys so much and love everything you stand for and represent! I hope all of you stay with us for a long time because we need you! ❤️❤️
rgncajun21 2 dagen geleden
For some reason the rain In The background made this scene more lovely
G S 2 dagen geleden
One of or maybe THE ONLY show that makes me CRY with tears of joy💖💖💖 Netflix created MAGIC with these FABULOUS 5!!!!!! Really the show and the cast is amazing! Season 6,7,8,910 puhleasaassseeee
Erica Street
Erica Street 2 dagen geleden
Bobby Berk is my fave. Just, I want to be his mentee. I want to feel his energy. I want to have coffee with him. In perpetuity.
Elisabeth DeSwart
Elisabeth DeSwart 3 dagen geleden
This makes me SOOOOOO HAPPY!
Milena V.A
Milena V.A 3 dagen geleden
Bobby’s hair is lit 🔥 🔥
peaches_and_ plums
peaches_and_ plums 3 dagen geleden
Omg I adore them all 😍😍😍
ueblay 3 dagen geleden
Could you please make this accessible to the deaf and HOH community, as well as people who have sensory processing issues, by adding subtitles? I would love to like this but I can't understand anything that JVN is saying.
ueblay 19 uur geleden
Juliette Dag geleden
Subtitles are available now :)
ueblay Dag geleden
@SunnySideup2012 hard of hearing
Inversionary Dag geleden
@SunnySideup2012 hard of hearing?
SunnySideup2012 Dag geleden
What is HOH
Shannon 3 dagen geleden
Meg’s acting
Meg’s acting 3 dagen geleden
I love this show can’t wait for season 6
Bella Mocellin
Bella Mocellin 3 dagen geleden
I could use a daily dose of QE, but I'm more than happy with a new season!
cay S
cay S 3 dagen geleden
We need to know more about these hook ponytails Jonathan🙏🏻
cay S
cay S 2 dagen geleden
Thanks girl!
Natalia 2 dagen geleden
I've seen them online with the name "hair bungee" 👍🏼🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️
Natalia 2 dagen geleden
They're quite easy to find in professional hair/beauty stores, I think they're called ponytail hooks!😊
matthewbaconofficial 3 dagen geleden
When are you guys going to come and help me in the UK. We definitely could do with a injection of the fab five
Jewel J
Jewel J Dag geleden
Yes please!
Flyingwithoutwings01 3 dagen geleden
Kellee Soup
Kellee Soup 3 dagen geleden
ALL 5 of them have my heart
LieslVonTrapp2018 3 dagen geleden
I can't wait for this come back. We need joy!
Plastic hag
Plastic hag 3 dagen geleden
Oh bless, Justin is all of us after a year of pandemic ...full of neurosis but bursting with life 🙌💜🥰
Pa Woo
Pa Woo 3 dagen geleden
what am I watching?
Ivy 4 dagen geleden
Omg YASS season 6!! i am so excited to see them back together and theyre gonna be at it again! I was gonna cancel my netflix subscription cuz im running out of things to watch lolol but i guess i'll stay on for them. Lol! Also.. was I the only one wondering when they were gonna eat the salad? Lolsss it looked so good it made my mouth water..
LeezPgh 4 dagen geleden
I love you people.
Marisa Bouchard
Marisa Bouchard 4 dagen geleden
I watched the regular episodes and the Japan spinoff during the height of the pandemic. I needed my Queer Eye fix to lift my spirits. I love 💕 them so much
BlueColeman 4 dagen geleden
JVN got married??? Where was I when this happened? 😍😍😍 So happy for them!!!
villanelle 4 dagen geleden
A year ago!! Im so happy for them ❤️
Selina Liew
Selina Liew 4 dagen geleden
i really LOVE you all and you guys inspire me to do better
Karin's Corner
Karin's Corner 4 dagen geleden
So glad they're back!! I just needed some uplifting Queereye happiness! I really missed the "everything is going to be all right" comforting, happy feeling I get when I watch the shows!! ( Even though I watched all the seasons twice last year) 🥰
Lauren Bush
Lauren Bush 4 dagen geleden
Can I just say that Bobby looks AMAZING 🤩 (they all do but Bobby’s hair, suit, skin - SHARP!)
Shreya Bagde
Shreya Bagde 4 dagen geleden
in love with this gorgeous bunch🥰 (especially bobby, man doesn't get enough credit for his work and humility)❤️
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 4 dagen geleden
Is Queer Eye, ever cuming to Puerto Rico???????
Albania Quezadaaa
Albania Quezadaaa 4 dagen geleden
Saudamini Mattoo
Saudamini Mattoo 4 dagen geleden
TRUEEE Bobby !!!!! before you guys show i just knew about LGBTQ+ community but after every episode I just started to respect and accept every body as they are and learnt alot more about the community and that sexuality is a biiiig spectrum and can't put label an any thing . so thank you so much and love you all . cant wait for season 6 .
Leslie Parker
Leslie Parker 4 dagen geleden
Can't wait for season 6 love this show!
Eline C
Eline C 4 dagen geleden
These five people have my whole heart
Kevin Mathew
Kevin Mathew 4 dagen geleden
Maria Tabadero
Maria Tabadero 4 dagen geleden
♥️♥️♥️ cheers to many, many more of these Fab 5👏🏻🙌🏻❣️
Ms. Sopheak
Ms. Sopheak 4 dagen geleden
So looking forward to seeing you guys again!!!!
Jacqueline James Photography
When the world felt dark, rewatching episodes last year made my heart explode and gave me so much hope. Thank you for the magic and light you bring into our homes! ✨✨✨
Amanda 4 dagen geleden
Listen to last week's episode of Jonathan's podcast for more of this energy (with fewer filters).
Tiffany Siler
Tiffany Siler 4 dagen geleden
Hurry on up with that season 6 production!! I cried actual tears when the guys started posting photos of themselves together on their instagrams. Just seeing them in the same room is such a healing vibe for the heart and soul.
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor 4 dagen geleden
Am I the only one who is getting a weird vibe from Karamo?
Elizabeth Kuykendall
Elizabeth Kuykendall 4 dagen geleden
Yes! Texas needs to go Blue again!
Rachael Vaughan
Rachael Vaughan 4 dagen geleden
....That's not gonna happen
Naman S
Naman S 4 dagen geleden
just watching them talk and being so genuinely comfortable with one another makes me feel happy in my skin and aspire to have a happy life 🏳️‍🌈
Gaby Marino
Gaby Marino 4 dagen geleden
I just love them all. I love Karamo during this discussion though, because he allows people to speak, be themselves while being humble about the crazy amount of activism he has done and the huge changes he has gone through personally. I can watch him just be him and find it so calming. His energy is so pure and wholehearted. Also, I love how patient everyone is with JVN's energy. Can't wait for Season 6!
Rebekah Finley
Rebekah Finley 4 dagen geleden
I didn’t realize how much I missed them until now 🥺 I cannot believe it’s only been a year since the last season.
sabrina carelli
sabrina carelli 4 dagen geleden
Yes we need you all back! 🥰😭❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍
Emily Etcetera
Emily Etcetera 4 dagen geleden
When Karamo said "The world needed queer eye" i felt that on such a deep level
Tabitha Burnett
Tabitha Burnett 4 dagen geleden
Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose 4 dagen geleden
I of course cried of gratitude this whole video also thank you Jvn for bringing visibility of fluidity, as a gender fluid person really needing to see the confidence and how stunning you are
Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose 4 dagen geleden
But also everyone’s personality in character showing love and gratitude. I never stand for the famous but I think you are paving the way for fame that has been utilized for everyone
Hailey T
Hailey T 4 dagen geleden
I love these fab 5 friends SO much ❤️🥺 You all are rays of light in a world that is too often shrouded in darkness. Thank you so much for all that you do- together and individually. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Emily Pumm
Emily Pumm 4 dagen geleden
I feel like this is the podcast JVN tried to have on Getting Curious, but then they just kept talking over each other 😂😂😂😂😂
Aisling Bolton
Aisling Bolton 5 dagen geleden
I love queer eye but I'd love to watch one interview where Jonathan doesn't monopolise the conversation
Flavia C
Flavia C 5 dagen geleden
We need the new season😭
Dan Stewardson
Dan Stewardson 5 dagen geleden
jasmin146 5 dagen geleden
I missed them so much 😍
Chris Walton
Chris Walton 5 dagen geleden
so good to see the Fab 5 together again, season 6 is gonna be full of hard-earned joy
Nanda Biazini
Nanda Biazini 5 dagen geleden
Fab Five... They are my imaginary friends. Love these 5
Usha shi
Usha shi 5 dagen geleden
" 💪💪💪 and with my power as an American, I got some lady pregnant and now I am gonna have a baby" !!!! 👏👏👏
Maftuna B
Maftuna B 5 dagen geleden
hfjkdsaljksfh watching this just brought so much joy to my life, i'm so excited for season 6😆
denden798 5 dagen geleden
LOVE the shoutout to schitts creek. Alexis reminded me so much of JVN when i watched. and their support for an amazing LGBT+ show 😍
Lauren Bircher
Lauren Bircher 5 dagen geleden
They are the joy we need right now - Season 6, bring it on! 🎉
Jae Crowe
Jae Crowe 5 dagen geleden
Love the video congrats to Jonathan and Tan. We love the show and would like to see a where are they now kind thing Keep being the inspiration they you all are. We Need More Love and Acceptance in the world
Sophia 5 dagen geleden
antoni casually making a salad while they’re talking
Emma Mac
Emma Mac 4 dagen geleden
Honestly I live to be that friend. Everyone gathers around you for connection and food... It fills me with such joy.
Roxy Roller
Roxy Roller 5 dagen geleden
You mean while Jonathan is talking lol