Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness | Opening Clip | Netflix 

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The landmark survival horror video game series Resident Evil has shipped over 110 million copies worldwide. Popular characters Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield appear in this CG serialized drama, the first in series history! Don’t miss this new epic entertainment on a scale more spectacular than ever before!

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness streams worldwide from July 8, 2021, only on Netflix.


About Netflix:
Netflix is the world's leading streaming entertainment service with 208 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness | Opening Clip | Netflix

Years after the horrors of Raccoon City, Leon and Claire find themselves consumed by a dark conspiracy when a viral attack ravages the White House.

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10 jun. 2021




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DARTH ASH Uur geleden
Aircrafts and team members are never safe in resident evil
Sr. Wizard
Sr. Wizard 2 uur geleden
Netflix + Ubisoft = oh sh**... WTF?
amir 5 uur geleden
I don't know why older re animations are better
Chrissy Hill
Chrissy Hill 6 uur geleden
...what does this have to do with resident evil? Don't get me wrong animation is great ..but where's Leon? Claire? Chris? Wesker?
Derek J. Evans
Derek J. Evans 11 uur geleden
Looks better than that live action series you're putting out. That is gonna be crap
Господин Сикатор
Call of duty?
Dean Nadal
Dean Nadal 15 uur geleden
Black Hawk Down?
Big dosser Wilder
Big dosser Wilder 22 uur geleden
This is way better already than all the real life movies xD.
Di Ventura
Di Ventura 22 uur geleden
MultifandomStories Dag geleden
Do you think I can watch this series withou playing the game?
Emmanuel Mota
Emmanuel Mota Dag geleden
This is Black Hawk Down. WTF.
Juan Echegaray
Juan Echegaray Dag geleden
What???? This is Black hawk down!!!!! And resident evil???? This is the reboot???? Is a joke!!!!
Vivliforia Dag geleden
I want Resident Evil: Redfield Bloodline series 😁
Emmanuel Aldape
Emmanuel Aldape Dag geleden
Ayo!!! Is that Ada???
Orlando Enriquez
Orlando Enriquez Dag geleden
Netflix: Come see our rip-off, low budget cgi animated Black Hawk Down, guest staring Leon Kennedy!
Spiritx1992 Dag geleden
“Oh my god this is Call of duty not Resident Evil!” Guys, it was only the first 2 minutes of the series. Chill.
Spiritx1992 Dag geleden
@Orlando Enriquez Yeah but it was only 2 minutes 🤷🏻‍♂️
Orlando Enriquez
Orlando Enriquez Dag geleden
Two very important minutes were they're supposed to sell it.. And they came out with this.. Rip-off, low budget cgi animated Black Hawk Down, guest staring Leon Kennedy
7/4 is an insider job by 7/11
Is the Chrisposting in session?
Cicada Cult studio
Cicada Cult studio Dag geleden
Can't wait for the little armory desert eagle
HardMode Dag geleden
Movie Magic
Movie Magic Dag geleden
Cant wait let goooo
REFORMATTED 2086 Dag geleden
I'm sick of Leon & Chris. It's always Leon & Chris. I personally don't believe they survived this long. The first couple games introduced totally new characters. In Resident Evil 2, Leon & Claire were totally new characters not seen in part 1. But after that, they got stuck on Chris, Leon, Jill & Claire. There were tons of other characters that never show up anymore. And Leon has been the main character in every animated movie. I'm sick & tired of Leon. He has the personality of a plank of wood. How did such a boring character become so popular?
Daniel Verberne
Daniel Verberne Dag geleden
Resident Evil: Modern Warfare
Jardel Fagundes
Jardel Fagundes Dag geleden
Vim pelo The Enemy BR
Daniel Bollinger
Daniel Bollinger Dag geleden
horrible clip to show lol. stupid marketing for a zombie series
Lloyd Pierre
Lloyd Pierre Dag geleden
It's like one big cutscenes, I love the game asethetic too
daredevil fan
daredevil fan Dag geleden
Black Hawk Down vibes
Ghozt Hatsune
Ghozt Hatsune 2 dagen geleden
And Where is resident evil??????
Suraj Saini
Suraj Saini 2 dagen geleden
Netflix anime india please
rosenbraut 2 dagen geleden
Animation Studio:" How much uncanny valley are you willing to except?" Netflix:"Yes!"
Scott Contois
Scott Contois 2 dagen geleden
agus one
agus one 2 dagen geleden
black hawk down scene
Cody Dybdal
Cody Dybdal 2 dagen geleden
This is the worst. This is black hawk down.
Erna wati
Erna wati 2 dagen geleden
This is not Resident Evil : Infinite Darkness man
Salwwmy 2 dagen geleden
I’m waiting the move 🤩
margareth michelina
margareth michelina 2 dagen geleden
Let me guess: Leon's gonna protect the president and Claire's gonna babysit a random kid again
Se7eN Deadly Jinxs
Se7eN Deadly Jinxs 2 dagen geleden
Is this footage for blackhawk down?
Cody Arthur
Cody Arthur 2 dagen geleden
At least this won't be race-swapping white characters, which pretty much means it's the only upcoming RE thing worth watching.
Dragon Dude
Dragon Dude 2 dagen geleden
Don't forget adding a cast of teen girls that would be more at home at a slumber party than fighting zombies and BOWs.
W Ya
W Ya 2 dagen geleden
wesker, another political correctness symbol?
Minh Phan
Minh Phan 2 dagen geleden
trailer như cái quần què
Maudite Balvenie
Maudite Balvenie 2 dagen geleden
Still salty that we play as the blandest mannequin ever in the recent games when it should be literally anyone else. Looking forward to seeing Claire and Leon.
Johnny Gil
Johnny Gil 2 dagen geleden
I am really hoping Claire Redfield will get some action scenes. Not just holding a gun and after how many episodes she's going to get kidnapped. Manifesting Claire action scenes!
Chloe Price
Chloe Price 2 dagen geleden
Chris better make an appearance punches boulders
°~ Meyku Nekusumi ~°
°~ Meyku Nekusumi ~° 2 dagen geleden
I heard a game about that or maybe thats not the game i was thinking, its titled as residents evil too and theres this popular character called Lady Dimitrescu and when i saw the title of this I directly clicked remind me XD
Trigger Fairy
Trigger Fairy 2 dagen geleden
I must have blinked cause I thought I was watching call of duty trailer.
Butter Fingers
Butter Fingers 2 dagen geleden
Michael O
Michael O 2 dagen geleden
This tells us nothing. Just a clip from Blackhawk down
digfidge 2 dagen geleden
0:32 This is probably the worst helicopter sound effect I have ever heard.
Firebourn94 2 dagen geleden
If this had no title I would've thought I was watching animated Black Hawk Down
Tino Carbajal
Tino Carbajal 2 dagen geleden
What will this resident evil be about
Sooper_ lopsy
Sooper_ lopsy 2 dagen geleden
There's no way this is Resident Evil
Rob Johnson
Rob Johnson 2 dagen geleden
This could be literally any military movie or video game. Yeah, nice job on the graphics. Come talk to me when it's a resident evil trailer.
Derek J. Evans
Derek J. Evans 11 uur geleden
This isn't a trailer though
Андрей Удовиченко
At least here Leon is white and heteto
Trevon Burtch
Trevon Burtch 3 dagen geleden
Will there be giant spiders?
Amaylia Artanias
Amaylia Artanias 3 dagen geleden
to be honest, i like in the village
Bro Dawg
Bro Dawg 3 dagen geleden
That seemed heavily inspired by Black Hawk Down. Can't wait. Especially if it's anything like the RE CGI movies. My favorite of those was Resident Evil Damnation. I know the Nextflix thing is a series btw.
Mandy Shultz
Mandy Shultz 3 dagen geleden
LEON! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
DracoleaderJK Gaming
DracoleaderJK Gaming 3 dagen geleden
this is so awesome
stephlestrange 1
stephlestrange 1 3 dagen geleden
"Anime series" ??
FaiiD Hypo
FaiiD Hypo 3 dagen geleden
This looks much better that the live action one
Nandar Seiha
Nandar Seiha 3 dagen geleden
So this is Call of Duty 2021 right?
Shawn Morgan
Shawn Morgan 3 dagen geleden
Ummm Black Hawk Down rip off?
Gus David
Gus David 3 dagen geleden
This is already better than the live action series. WHY DOES NETFLIX HAVE TO BLACKWASH CHARACTERS??? And if they're going to do it don't choose someone as big as Wesker smh
Adrian Sandy
Adrian Sandy 3 dagen geleden
Black Hawk Down animated version
muskatDR 3 dagen geleden
"Please animate a RE series" "Did you say call of duty?" "Whatever"
Sr. Wizard
Sr. Wizard 2 uur geleden
best coment
Gino Madjus
Gino Madjus 3 dagen geleden
subham sekhar panda
subham sekhar panda 3 dagen geleden
Is this resident evil or black hawk down....🤔🤔
Luffy 3 dagen geleden
Is this out already lemme grab my gear
パピコ 3 dagen geleden
Clickbait thumbnail, Leon isn't in the opening clip.
Odd Magne Granli
Odd Magne Granli 3 dagen geleden
We got a Black Hawk Down, we got a Black Hawk Down.
Chika Fujiwara
Chika Fujiwara 3 dagen geleden
Wesker is white!!!
Jason Atkins
Jason Atkins 3 dagen geleden
"let's make a black hawk down/apollo 13 intro, then slap some resident evil on it and call it a day."
craig thomas
craig thomas 3 dagen geleden
I'm sold
Razgriz085 3 dagen geleden
Opening looks just like the movie black hawk down?
F. M.
F. M. 3 dagen geleden
Is this RE or COD?
richardhalo 3 dagen geleden
Lol, Black Hawk Down.
Stefan Hatcher
Stefan Hatcher 3 dagen geleden
Wish they'd done The Witcher as a cgi show instead of live action
Mike French
Mike French 3 dagen geleden
They really brought to life the amazing voice acting from the first game
elliot green
elliot green 3 dagen geleden
No B. O. W. S just one man a rocket launcher and bulletproof vest looks a challenge 😂 I wanted to see some claire
Dannod 5
Dannod 5 3 dagen geleden
On Snapchat , ign had this trailer and called it the cuphead sneakpeek lol
Andre Pacheco
Andre Pacheco 3 dagen geleden
Blackhawk down anyone! I was hoping to see muscled up Chris jump down from the roof and save the day! Bummer. At this point I would have liked to have seen Cherry, Jill, Leon, or my favorite Claire kick ass! But no they will probably have some half ass characters that you hope will be eaten by the end of the season! Watch it's going to happen.
Zal Edy
Zal Edy 3 dagen geleden
Netflix animation version of black hawk down
Dan P
Dan P 3 dagen geleden
Is this meant to interest people in a resident evil series? This looks like the open to every generic action movie ever. No recognizable RE characters, no zombies, no BOWs, no umbrella lol. Come on Netflix use ur noggin m8.
DuhBisKitt 15 uur geleden
@Dan P well this is just the first 2 minutes of episode 1 sooo…
Rogue 20 uur geleden
@Dan P well this is just the opening genius so it doesn't represent the whole movie
Itlog Dag geleden
If there’s consolation, apparently they’re making a live action adaptation of resident evil with a black wesker and 5 women who I do not have the effort nor care to remember their names.
No U
No U Dag geleden
I totally agree. I would have loved a show or movie about the baker family. I guess a girl can dream tho.
Spastik Dag geleden
Ikr. Resident evil what are ya doing?
Naik Daun
Naik Daun 3 dagen geleden
Black Hawk Down vibes
Jose 3 dagen geleden
Netflix just don't bother making gaarbage live action resident evil nobody watching it get woke Go broke
Na sygnale Fanka cz12
Na sygnale Fanka cz12 3 dagen geleden
Piękny filmik płacze ❤😘😍🥰
Michael H
Michael H 3 dagen geleden
The new Call of Duty movie looks great.
[Zombie] Revenge
[Zombie] Revenge 3 dagen geleden
Another shit for BLM and 16-yo children...
Angry Potato
Angry Potato 3 dagen geleden
How long ago was Final Fantasy The Spirits Within, and we still haven't gotten past the uncanny valley? :/
Murder Of Crows
Murder Of Crows 3 dagen geleden
They finally made an actual series. Instead of movies, which took how many years.
Murder Of Crows
Murder Of Crows 11 uur geleden
@Orlando Enriquez the last film, was released in 2017, before that was 2012 and the first 2008. It's like waiting for Avatar to come out with a sequel. Lol
Orlando Enriquez
Orlando Enriquez Dag geleden
They made something.. Yeah..
Janwel Castro
Janwel Castro 3 dagen geleden
I hoped the logic of this series will be better than RE: Vendetta.
Reina Cohen
Reina Cohen 3 dagen geleden
I would die for Leon. I can't wait to watch that.
Ricky Ferdinandz
Ricky Ferdinandz 3 dagen geleden
Anyone realize that voice like chris in RE5 roger craig
IamTheBluMedicTF2 3 dagen geleden
Omg this gave me a call of duty vibe than resident evil 😆
thesunstudio 3 dagen geleden
Resident Evil:Black Hawk Down. Can't wait, looks good.
Carl Birchall
Carl Birchall 3 dagen geleden
I would never have know this was Resident Evil if it wasn't for the title. Is it trying to be something else?
WARFIGHTER 3 dagen geleden
Black Hawk Dawn.
李長興 3 dagen geleden
those are j‘avo ?
David Franz
David Franz 3 dagen geleden
Mixes of camouflage patterns don't match real life. DCUs were in use in 2000 but Multicam wasn't until the late 00's.
gogolemoon 3 dagen geleden
how dare you put leon as a clickbait
LeoNix Presents
LeoNix Presents 3 dagen geleden
Hope storyline would awesome
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