Sex/Life | Official Trailer | Netflix 

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How much are you willing to risk for your deepest desires? Sex/Life comes to Netflix June 25.


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Sex/Life | Official Trailer | Netflix

A woman's daring sexual past collides with her married-with-kids present when the bad-boy ex she can't stop fantasizing about crashes back into her life.

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8 jun. 2021




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Marvin Martin
Marvin Martin 3 minuten geleden
What healthy message for people. The only way to satisfy true love and libido is to two time lol.
danerodevils 32 minuten geleden
More shows gloryfying the thrill of cheating, polygamous relationships that girls should seek. Like covid wasn't enough!
b s
b s 2 uur geleden
This looks like a remake of Hindi movie Murder. 😊
Mukesh Kumar
Mukesh Kumar 4 uur geleden
365 days k baad ab ye movie India mein mahino trend kregi Netflix par😂😅
hidir 4 uur geleden
Alpha widow.
Sam G
Sam G 6 uur geleden
I’m sorry but that Aussie guy is definitely gay
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Abir Ibrahim
Abir Ibrahim 6 uur geleden
Need Best Friend 🙏
Caldin Gennarakis
Caldin Gennarakis 7 uur geleden
Woman has a great home, loving husband, kids and family but reminisces about a care free life of partying and getting pounded. Either stay single and be that person or step up to the responsibilities you've taken on. I get the girl power thing but this is just glorifying a trash human being, in the real world there's consequences to her actions. Her kids grow up in a broken home, the guy she cheats with probably dumps her or moves onto the next one and she breaks apart her family and creates a broken home for her kids to grow up in. Maybe tell that story Netflix? Instead of deluding young girls into thinking this is what life is like.
Teguh Priambodo
Teguh Priambodo 7 uur geleden
How many sex do you want? Netflix: Yes
STEVEN ' 8 uur geleden
ommggg i need thiss
abhilash paisakula
abhilash paisakula 11 uur geleden
story of a woman who feels "OMG I am married with kids, the husband gives me love, care, and provides me with everything to make my life luxurious and safe but my midlife crisis-influenced brain makes me feel that my life is not as exciting now. Let me go and ruin my life and drag everyone associated with me down the drain! That's the thrill for me and Netflix better make content on it and justify my foolishness."
Anowar Hossain Mondal
Anowar Hossain Mondal 11 uur geleden
In two massages in one not is not used and in other not is used after then what massage is right? That type of incident is happened when I had sended a massage to Juali sarkar chakda Nadia west Bengal .... In which the word friend is not written by me and after sending her the massage she called me and questioned me why I sended that type of massage? And I answered her thinking me as your friend then the relation would become very good and I have some knowledge about this type of matter.... Am I right?
Anowar Hossain Mondal
Anowar Hossain Mondal 11 uur geleden
Sintom of harlot is they can not talk direct and use middle man that type of system has in in in in Muslim marriage rule and am I right?
Anowar Hossain Mondal
Anowar Hossain Mondal 11 uur geleden
Sintom of harlot is they can talk direct and use middle man that type of system has in in in in Muslim marriage rule and am I right ?
Anowar Hossain Mondal
Anowar Hossain Mondal 12 uur geleden
If a harlot demand she is a wife of a good man then what will happen?
Nishant Patel
Nishant Patel 12 uur geleden
Hindi version released long back : murder :-)
Anowar Hossain Mondal
Anowar Hossain Mondal 12 uur geleden
For marry a pablic should marry which she or he want most?
ram ram
ram ram 12 uur geleden
Gen alfa gonna bring this as lifeline... I love my husband but like sex with other.
Just Chill
Just Chill 13 uur geleden
I think my relationship will be affected by this If I watch it help
akhil kariat
akhil kariat 14 uur geleden
"I love my Husband" Here we go again. The reality is, infidelity is rarely the product of unmet needs. Instead it's a product of desire, opportunity and situation, lack of commitment and communication, low self esteem, low self centeredness and the excitement of novelty. She wanted to feel special by seeking the exciting old days and the only way to do that with sex and attention all this to satisfy her fragile ego In short words, She want the cake and eat it too. Being selfish by ruining someone else's life is not okay.
Ur In My Zone
Ur In My Zone 15 uur geleden
ok on my watch list....
Bruce Klein
Bruce Klein 18 uur geleden
"Women look for the safe and stable provider to settle down and have a family with. They also want the hot bad boys they had fun with in her 20s. Women rarely find these qualities in the same guy" - Rollo Tomassi (paraphrased). Watching this with a Red Pill lens will be fascinating and hella cringe at the same time.
Sahil Bhardwaj
Sahil Bhardwaj 19 uur geleden
Me:: I have seen this type of movie before Netflix::::: "This is a whole other movie"
Aditya Acharya
Aditya Acharya 19 uur geleden
Instead of cheating on her whole family, this woman should just buy a overgrown cucumber 🥒.
Dracula 20 uur geleden
Amelie Says Hola
Amelie Says Hola 22 uur geleden
This just looks like The Affair from Showtime? Except it’s more from the POV of the woman. Is she also a writer like Nick Solloway?
Maloxi 23 uur geleden
So many bluepilled takes in this comment section...
Golden Butt
Golden Butt 23 uur geleden
this is a moral for those husband's who provide everything to her wife either the thrill sex which they done with their baby's before marriage.
Elder God
Elder God 23 uur geleden
A cliché series about a young woman going through fantasies and exes, sounds like we've been there done all that, but not quite only happens to the lucky ones, and the good looking people only, very Hollywood type
hiren saikia
hiren saikia 23 uur geleden
It's based on a book. She writes a journal about her 4 lovers in the past and her husband finds it. Unexpectedly, he starts doing the things that her past lovers did with her. Knowing this, she started writing fictional stuffs about what she fantasies and thus taking advantage of those tid bits she puts down for her hubby to discover. It's suppose to be a comedy I believe. The serious stuffs were when she was struggling. If it's a proper depiction of the book, she doesn't cheat at all ,just memories but if they are trying else, it's going to be some wannabe sleazy drama.
Mark Pulliam
Mark Pulliam 23 uur geleden
Just some more trash.
Rana Saha
Rana Saha Dag geleden
"I love my husband" But still the ex-badboy boyfriend hits the bulls eye.... Classic melodrama!!!
Evert Mckoy
Evert Mckoy Dag geleden
Why y’all upset this is just female nature🤷🏿‍♂️😂
James Lauren
James Lauren Dag geleden
This is a documentary not entertainment. This is National Geographic for modern women today. Give her the world and she will still find a reason why it’s not OK.
wycliffe peter
wycliffe peter Dag geleden
Infidelity commercialized.
Yudha Bagaskara
Yudha Bagaskara Dag geleden
Another after esque film
ggunthorr Dag geleden
Jack Reacher 2.... WHEN?
deathvalleydemon41 Dag geleden
And so begins the court process where the husband loses everything..then picks up a gun and a shoot out ensues resulting in both men possibly dying while the wife plays the “victim”. Women like this are the reason why men make mistakes they can’t come back from..
az hiddleston
az hiddleston Dag geleden
wait…is the song at the end “I Walk The Line” of halsey?
az hiddleston
az hiddleston 15 uur geleden
@danijela majic oh thank youuuu
danijela majic
danijela majic 15 uur geleden
Jonny Cash
TANMOY DEB Dag geleden
Sally Bagson
Sally Bagson Dag geleden
Marraige is sacred. Stick to your vows
Sleepy Kidd
Sleepy Kidd Dag geleden
Is that Sarah Shahi?????
sri meenatchi
sri meenatchi Dag geleden
Why clip symbol menu sexlife
Simla Gaming
Simla Gaming Dag geleden
Zeros Seventeen
Zeros Seventeen Dag geleden
I'm just here to enjoy if there is any clip that I needed but can't find 😑
Pie Crust
Pie Crust Dag geleden
trashy show for the 50 shades crowd
e r i k a
e r i k a Dag geleden
Am I aware I've seen this a million times before? Yes. Will I still binge this when it comes out? Also yes.
Anowar Hossain Mondal
Brave people always win....
Anowar Hossain Mondal
Harlot have cast?
Anowar Hossain Mondal
For marriage some equality must need that is pehele dekhandhari phir gun bichari....
Rayyman Dag geleden
Am i going to finally see Sarah in the buff? She's gorgeous. Love her in movies and TV. She had a great series on USA once
Anowar Hossain Mondal
I believe sex with out talk is impossible....
Allison Gutama
Allison Gutama Dag geleden
Lmao, portraying a nice life as boring and cheating as the most amazing thing ever. I like her husband. Anything else, bye
Allison Gutama
Allison Gutama Dag geleden
Okay okay 👄 this is just a little too much. She literally brought her husband to .. lmao bye
Snigdha Nagpal
Snigdha Nagpal Dag geleden
Anna karenina?
Bernadette Ay-Ay
Bernadette Ay-Ay Dag geleden
nick Jurai
nick Jurai Dag geleden
So this show basically is about a women's excuse to cheat n the husband should accept it??ok ...lolol
Srinaath Anbudurai
Srinaath Anbudurai Dag geleden
Gentlemen.. This is precisely why her past matters.. All this BS about ‘Oh her past doesn’t matter’ is Just that. BS. Her past matters..
Chrissy Cena
Chrissy Cena 2 dagen geleden
How dare you cheat on Barbie I hate you grl
Nowrin Khanam Nila
Nowrin Khanam Nila 2 dagen geleden
It's a shaw from person of interest???
Lucy Ajirobaju
Lucy Ajirobaju 2 dagen geleden
This is just like addicted 2014
DONTEATTHEPIE 2 dagen geleden
if your husband didn't wash his hair or shave for two weeks and threw on a leather jacket, that's the same bitch lmao
Tiara Aniza
Tiara Aniza 2 dagen geleden
Oscuro deseo?
Just say the word Zoinks
Just say the word Zoinks 2 dagen geleden
She's playing isis in black adam right?🤔
Anjun More
Anjun More 2 dagen geleden
Is this a new trend? Movies and series about sex? It’s like promoting it, in real life it’s bad and dangerous act.
Makplang Vem
Makplang Vem 2 dagen geleden
This is sucky story, poor fella.
Nice Boi
Nice Boi 2 dagen geleden
Another stupid show , mentioning the reason as to why girls can't be trusted 😒😒😒
Rishana Poovi
Rishana Poovi 2 dagen geleden
Movie name
yusuf neemuch
yusuf neemuch 2 dagen geleden
This kind of series breaks more relationship
Билайн 1
Билайн 1 2 dagen geleden
Please tell me year of this film
AV 2 dagen geleden
My gawd even will movies stop normalizing cheating.
vlogger Noddy
vlogger Noddy 2 dagen geleden
Another 365 is coming😉😉😉
Lukes Chason
Lukes Chason 2 dagen geleden
Looks like a better version of 365 days
Aryan Rawat
Aryan Rawat 2 dagen geleden
Sometimes I watch Netflix and wonder Is cheating our life partner is really a good option to escape from ours boring life.
AV 2 dagen geleden
Wtf? Cheating is *never* okay. It's a coward's move.
Recce Nomad
Recce Nomad 2 dagen geleden
Red Pill men won't see this garbage. Blue pill men will love this.
Shubham Jamwal
Shubham Jamwal 2 dagen geleden
F for the good guys out there, staying good despite all the shit. Stay good kings, it all comes back 🙏
Aaqib Javid
Aaqib Javid 2 dagen geleden
Tf is this shit ?
mueloon 2 dagen geleden
Fuckin ugly. video is shit.
Gyan Yagya
Gyan Yagya 2 dagen geleden
Latest version of Unfaithful....
Shyamji Singh
Shyamji Singh 2 dagen geleden
I am well educated boy from up. Koi female friendship krengi
Kimberly L
Kimberly L 2 dagen geleden
the incels, redpillers and hoteps are MAD AF in these skreets 😂
Rohit G
Rohit G 2 dagen geleden
The fact that every show is all about sex is a sign of how thick the new generation of viewers is.
Alaa Ragab
Alaa Ragab 2 dagen geleden
The name film.
kendimi yiyesim geliyo
kendimi yiyesim geliyo 2 dagen geleden
I love root's shaw not you
Anil Gajbhare
Anil Gajbhare 3 dagen geleden
Now I know Netflix is a woman.
Pandya Parth
Pandya Parth 3 dagen geleden
English version of Kabhi alwida na Kehna kind of
Youth voice.
Youth voice. 3 dagen geleden
Asher Levi
Asher Levi 3 dagen geleden
Shaw What the hell are you doing here??
nilley hegazy
nilley hegazy 3 dagen geleden
this is a classic wattpad story
JUDHAN 93 3 dagen geleden
ആരെങ്കിലും വരാതിരിക്കില്ല...!!
Junaid 3 dagen geleden
Its I think based on Paulo Coelho's Novel " Adultery " .The story seems to be same tho.
Vidhi Vij
Vidhi Vij 3 dagen geleden
Why is Netflix suddenly behaving like Alt Balaji ? 🤦‍♀️
3 dagen geleden
what did i just click on
LusakaMadeJ 3 dagen geleden
No one cares about this movie we just waiting on the sex scenes 😂
Vy Nguyễn Thị Tường
What Song in this movie?
Restoration333 3 dagen geleden
hello everybody💔
Bj Baloran
Bj Baloran 3 dagen geleden
Sana all may SexLife!!! Charrr 😅
N1K0L4 3 dagen geleden
Not sure if I got the trailer right. The wife feels trapped and wants to relive her wild days, husband never had wild days and wants them with her wife now. So basicaly a married couple is about to get freaky, the end...... Did I get it ? :D
danijela majic
danijela majic 15 uur geleden
You get it
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