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Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winner Lin-Manuel Miranda makes his feature directorial debut with tick, tick…BOOM!, an adaptation of the autobiographical musical by Jonathan Larson, who revolutionized theater as the creator of Rent. The film follows Jon (Academy Award nominee and Tony Award winner Andrew Garfield), a young theater composer who’s waiting tables at a New York City diner in 1990 while writing what he hopes will be the next great American musical. With the clock ticking, Jon is at a crossroads and faces the question everyone must reckon with: What are we meant to do with the time we have?

Starring Academy Award nominee and Tony Award winner Andrew Garfield, Alexandra Shipp, Tony Award nominee Robin de Jesús, Tony Award nominee Joshua Henry, MJ Rodriguez, Emmy Award winner Bradley Whitford, Tariq Trotter, with Emmy and Tony Award winner Judith Light, and Vanessa Hudgens.

tick, tick...BOOM! is on Netflix this Fall.


About Netflix:
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tick, tick...BOOM! | OFFICIAL TEASER | Netflix

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10 jun. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Kristof De Craene
Kristof De Craene 3 uur geleden
I want at least one cameo from the Hives!!
aman shivhare
aman shivhare 4 uur geleden
my boy Eduardo
21minute 5 uur geleden
Looks like they're aiming for the Oscars.
ur mother’s dinner
ur mother’s dinner 5 uur geleden
Spider man and Gabriella Montez in one film? The crossover I didn’t know I needed
memegod4life 5 uur geleden
So it’s like a better made, unstable the greatest showman mixed with a bit of a star it born?
Margo Otten
Margo Otten 6 uur geleden
So we all came for Andrew😫
Dereck 7 uur geleden
My favorite young actor, can't wait for this
Grace T
Grace T 7 uur geleden
if there isn't at least a cameo from raul esparza i will riot
shawmila stylinson
shawmila stylinson 8 uur geleden
anybody see that depressing marauders video with this clip... im breaking
Joe Murdoch
Joe Murdoch 8 uur geleden
Didn't grab me, but I'm not much for musicals.
Ira Aurora
Ira Aurora 9 uur geleden
My mind has been screaming of excitement and joy for like 10 minutes now. Andrew omg Andrew
Joycel Darusin
Joycel Darusin 13 uur geleden
Vanessa for oscars
Pratik Bhardwaj
Pratik Bhardwaj 16 uur geleden
bruh this man doesnt age ,,, no he fking dosent age -_-
Jack Danini Productions
Huge Jonathan Larson Fan! This looks AMAZING! Can't wait! And Andrew looks superb in the role!
Murdock 20 uur geleden
Good to see Andrew Garfield coming back.... hopefully he is more humble now
CarLoe 7 uur geleden
Lina Pliodzinskas
Lina Pliodzinskas 21 uur geleden
so this movie is gonna make me cry right?
Christopher Culler
Christopher Culler 23 uur geleden
Alexandra Shipp and Vanessa Hudgens.....HAWT!!
Christina Hendrickson
Christina Hendrickson 23 uur geleden
2021 is the year of musicals and I am here for it ❤
Cisco 23 uur geleden
Am I the only one who thought this was the next season for you
-MulberryStreet Dag geleden
Omg andrew
Madi Tanner
Madi Tanner Dag geleden
i watch the beginning of this at least 5 times a day.
Sutra Stevens
Sutra Stevens Dag geleden
Good trailer.
gema mendoza
gema mendoza Dag geleden
This is Andrew’s year! He is killing the game
Nasir Midday
Nasir Midday Dag geleden
Andrew Garfield -Lately I have been hearing this sound " like tick tick tick " US -That is your Spidey Sense Boi !
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey Dag geleden
damn, lin manuel miranda never took a break since hamilton
Lyn Mzondo
Lyn Mzondo Dag geleden
The man's non-stop
Ponyo Ghibli
Ponyo Ghibli Dag geleden
2021 is Andrew garfield year
J Life
J Life Dag geleden
NO to over-representing inter-racial relationships in media.
Lyn Mzondo
Lyn Mzondo Dag geleden
What's wrong with inter-racial couples?
Samantha Samaniego
Samantha Samaniego Dag geleden
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh This is going to be amazing Jonathan Larson and Lin Manuel Miranda
Abdul Hannan
Abdul Hannan Dag geleden
The wild grip initially bounce because gliding practically strap pace a merciful hate. apathetic, dusty comma
the megan joshua channel hub
Now we know why he writes like he's running out of time...
TunzAfun Dag geleden
Andrew is probably one of the best and most underrated actors along with Joseph Gordon Levitt.
Kevin Kuscavage
Kevin Kuscavage Dag geleden
Andrew Garfield could have ruined his career with those awful Spider Man movies BUTTT his resurgence with Hacksaw Ridge, Silence, Angels in America has saved his career and now I’m predicting he’ll win the Golden Globe if his performance in Tick Tick…Boom ends up being as good as the show was.
Here's another material for those Spider-Man No Way Home fake trailers now.
Kyle Hodges
Kyle Hodges Dag geleden
thatssomething1 Dag geleden
I wonder if bomb terrorists will be really into this movie and have Rent songs in their head 🤔
Larry Parane
Larry Parane Dag geleden
Lin-Manuel Miranda is the new Christopher Nolan.
naomi c
naomi c Dag geleden
I’m so happy that Jonathan Larson’s story is getting told in this beautiful modern way and it’s in such good hands! Can’t wait to see it!
Mann Amin 19BECE 3O107
Watch Mainstream just for the sake for Andrew's acting! And also movie's not the bad, its pretty much decent imo.
cphaura Dag geleden
this is such a good year for musical theatre fans
cphaura Dag geleden
omg omg omg I'm so hyped
Percy S
Percy S Dag geleden
Wow! Music is amazing and the way story is depicted ..I am hooked...+ Their is Aura of mystery ..loved it 🔥❤️❤️❤️
Ellie louise
Ellie louise Dag geleden
POV: you’ve rewatched this trailer many times
amristar Dag geleden
sf jazz
sf jazz Dag geleden
Andrew Garfield in real life seems like not a fun person
Ms.gshunw Dag geleden
I thought this was going to be a horror movie preview 😂 I just can't do musicals.....
Wade Lee
Wade Lee Dag geleden
Hermella Hailu
Hermella Hailu Dag geleden
Is this a real song. If so what is it?
Alessandro Vistocco
You are probably referring to "Boho Days", it's a song from Tick, Tick... Boom! the musical by Jonathan Larson
Joseph Lidester
Joseph Lidester Dag geleden
Damn, I thought it was YOU season 3 for a sec . . . hahaha
Héctor Herrera
Héctor Herrera Dag geleden
kcchhhc bczf0
Davi Villano
Davi Villano Dag geleden
Héctor Herrera
Héctor Herrera Dag geleden
ghfffggh bfgj
Poimen Agnila
Poimen Agnila Dag geleden
spiderman can sing. unsurprised.
alex Dag geleden
all i wanna see Andrew play is peter parker though
kv harsh
kv harsh Dag geleden
Great to see Andrew Garfield back in the business...ohh yeah
Nanea N
Nanea N Dag geleden
Alessandro Vistocco
He is the director
Made in 2007
Made in 2007 2 dagen geleden
I could listen to the first part for hours
Halotaku 2 dagen geleden's a musical...that's a film adaptation of a stage musical...about a musical writer...writing a musical...
Alessandro Vistocco
Exactly ! 😂 Directed by an acclaimed musical writer (Lin Manuel Miranda) 😍
Aman Goyal
Aman Goyal 2 dagen geleden
If Garfield still doesn't win an Oscar thjs year (despite 3 great performances), I ain't attending the ceremony
Blake 2 dagen geleden
I can’t wait
Greg Raines
Greg Raines 2 dagen geleden
Looks atrocious.
The Dan
The Dan 2 dagen geleden
Andrew Garfield is perfect casting as Larson
Gustavo Blanco
Gustavo Blanco 2 dagen geleden
Andrew Garfield has been having the time of his life post Spider-Man I mean Hacksaw Ridge Silence Angels in America Under The Silver Lake Breathe Mainstream and now coming soon The Eyes Of Tammy Faye Tick Tick Boom Brideshead Revisited (HBO)
Wika Pencakowska
Wika Pencakowska 2 dagen geleden
god i need long version of andrew singing
DottyBuZz 2 dagen geleden
Cuando sale?
shuvojit akash
shuvojit akash 2 dagen geleden
Andrew Garfield is looking Handsome.I hope this movie will be biggest hit for his career. Hope We all see him for his Spider-man role.
qualen91 2 dagen geleden
I'm a simple person, I see Andrew Garfield, I click
Cris silva evangelismo
Cris silva evangelismo 2 dagen geleden
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valerie maosa
valerie maosa 2 dagen geleden
Well that was a long teaser
Jared Vlogs
Jared Vlogs 2 dagen geleden
Alvier Lopena
Alvier Lopena 2 dagen geleden
in the description...that was the time i knew that Andrew Garfield won a Tony Award!
Martin Mystery
Martin Mystery 2 dagen geleden
he is only second to CHRISS EVENS💜💜💜💜💜
Lost Cosmos
Lost Cosmos 2 dagen geleden
Shove your musicals back to Broadway!
gibran lo-ot
gibran lo-ot 2 dagen geleden
lizzie kuss
lizzie kuss 2 dagen geleden
I seriously can't wait when does it come out
gabbi kiddie
gabbi kiddie 2 dagen geleden
wow my husband is such a good singer
yumika liu
yumika liu 2 dagen geleden
Harsh Dhillon
Harsh Dhillon 2 dagen geleden
Hats off for cinematography 🎩
Harsh Dhillon
Harsh Dhillon 2 dagen geleden
Just because of Andrew
Martina Fabiana Roa
Martina Fabiana Roa 2 dagen geleden
Monish R
Monish R 2 dagen geleden
Andrew Garfield the talented actor...❤️
Binod 2 dagen geleden
*This is gonna be a year of musicals!!*
amyyyamy 2 dagen geleden
Thought this was gonna be the teaser for YOU s3
Cine Fiend40
Cine Fiend40 2 dagen geleden
There's something very All That Jazz about the editing and the urgency to create because time is running out. Back in 1996 I bought the CD to the soundtrack of Rent without ever watching the show and it became an instant companion in my life. The songs were full of life and yearning and heartbreak and tragedy and creation and friendship and love. The man who created it would die before it ever became a cultural phenomenon. Jonathan Larson wrote the words "No day, but today" in the musical Rent. And when I learned about his untimely death in relation to that line I was in deep shock but also inspired that tomorrow is never promised and that there is indeed no day but today.
Shilo 2 dagen geleden
Andrew Garfield seems like a very underrated actor. His expressions and overall acting is just impressive. It comes off as strong but not overdone.
Diego pineda
Diego pineda 2 dagen geleden
Ya vi a todos los vatos sacando clips de este trailer para ponerlos en montajes falsos y diciendo SPIDER-VERSE CONFIRMADOOOOO!!
Florencia La Fuente
Florencia La Fuente 2 dagen geleden
Arjohn Yabut
Arjohn Yabut 2 dagen geleden
The amazing Spiderman, Andrew Garfield with the unbelievable, indescribable... BABY V!!!! (Baby come back!)
CarLoe 2 dagen geleden
Jeez, this man Lin-Manuel Miranda is on fire lately. So many projects.
John Macey
John Macey 2 dagen geleden
Guilty Gear strive = HAVIER RAVEZ strive indeed :P HAHAH MARLIN PIE KYOHEI LEDR & CEROBLAST = my 2 sexy female asian servants :P HAHA
Belle Edwards
Belle Edwards 2 dagen geleden
Shamefully gonna admit I’m watching this just for Andrew
Luno Uno
Luno Uno 2 dagen geleden
so glad to be seeing more of Garfield, a favourite of mine!
George Hamilton
George Hamilton 2 dagen geleden
I would’ve appreciated some more context from the trailer.
Lyoko Comic Dubs
Lyoko Comic Dubs 2 dagen geleden
After In The Heights, Yeah. I'm In.
Todd Steven Burroughs
Todd Steven Burroughs 3 dagen geleden
And the Oscar goes to.... :)
Joshua Jefferson
Joshua Jefferson 3 dagen geleden
Good to see Garfield back in action
Classy-Messy 3 dagen geleden
edit of this teaser 🔥
Faraz Afridi
Faraz Afridi 3 dagen geleden
A much deserving actorr❤️
ShadowFauxx 3 dagen geleden
Dang Andrew is in ALOT recently.. good for him :)
Mr Arif
Mr Arif 3 dagen geleden
Dub in hindi
see you soon
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